Tamagotchi Log 11/13/97

11/13/97: Early this morning Billy left me on my CD-Rom, so I hatched another a short while ago and to my joy it's a P2 Tama. I hope to get Mimitchi, but I doubt I will, work leaves me with very little time to care for the computer residing tama. I do try, but with my schedule it will almost seem impossible. Nonetheless I would love to get him, I want to hear what his voice sounds like, and the others are soo cute :). Speaking of which, Mimitchi is 21 today, my age, and he is supposed to leave tomorrow to my sadness. I am sure that many others will follow his steps this week, becuz all but a few are over 15 years and incredibly demanding. Itís really hard to care for them all at once.

This weekend Toys R' Us is running a buy one get one free sale on Tamagotchi. I already have too many, but I bought 3 anyway, for a total of 6. I bought 3 P1 and 3 P2 Tamas. Their colors are: P2: White w/ yellow and pink swirls/pink buttons, White w/ green border/red writing & buttons, White with pink writing that has Hashizotchi, Zukitchi, Pochitchi and Takotchi draw on it. P1 Tamagotchi: Teal with blue border and pink buttons, White with black border and buttons, And clear green with yellow buttons. In all of the rest there was only 2 that I didn't have but they weren't really ones I wanted.

It seems it has been a long 21 days with Mimitchi, for once time has gone slow. Usually it goes so fast I don't know where it went. My goal is simply not to lose it when Mimitchi leaves me tomorrow.. hope I can keep that this time. Guess we shall see...

Later today I watched a movie, Liar Liar, with Mimitchi and everyone :) That was a lot of fun. They are so demanding though, had to constantly care for them, but that's okay :)
The sad thing about tonight is that I know it's Mimitchi's and my last night together for a good week or more until I get him back. So far he has never lived past 22. I am counting that he will leave at 22...

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