Tamagotchi Log 1/21/98

1/21/98: Today at 20:04 Tarakotchi passed away (clear green Tama). He was only 7 years old too. I am rather uncertain of why he left so early, but I did get the beak before I got him so I guess that in general makes his life shorter. Either I love him, will miss him too, he is such a sweet Tama. He is definitely one of my favorites on Gen1. I just wish he was able to stay longer is all.

It's been a day. No sign of Angel/Osu/Mesu Tchi's in the mail. Not a thing yet. Ugh. Mimitchi is 22 today, I expect him to leave sometime tonight...

On a diff topic, I did lots of scanning today. I got 3 Dr. Tamagotchi pics scanned... man it took FOREVER to get them, its hard with a slow scanner, guess any others would have to be with a camera. Also just took some general scans of my Tama's, including Mimitchi. So I believe I'll be making a pics page as well in the future.

As of 30 mins before bedtime Mimitchi has not left today. We just got done watching one of my all time fave movies, Uncle Buck, together. I think he enjoyed it as much as I did, been a loonggg time :) Either way we're going to bed, and Iím hoping he will make it until tomorrow.. It seems to get harder to let go each time..

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