Tamagotchi Log 1/19/98

1/19/98: Today around 2pm or so my clear green finally changed into the adult character Tarakotchi, whom I welcome back into my life. I wasn't really going for him, but I know what I should do next time to get Nyorotchi, but It's nice to have him back, he is one of my favorites. I know too many ppl who don't like him just because he is the unhealthiest character, but that doesn't make him any less than any others. I love this character, he is an odd one, has stinky feet, but is overall a very cute character :)

I was trying for the beaked character on my gen2, but I guess I didn't neglect it enough because I got Tongaritchi, the one with legs instead. Oh well, I still hoping I can get Hashizotchi, it's possible ya know :)

On a different note I have been taking perfect care of Masukutchi and Zukitchi in hopes I can get the secret characters. I am not certain if this is the way to get them to change, but I took as good care of them as I would to get a Mimitchi. I gave them their last discipline this afternoon and they both got sick about an hour after that discipline. So I am in hopes they will change into the secret characters tomorrow. And if they don't I don't mind, Masukutchi is a sweet character and so is Zukitchi, though they get rather demanding quickly at a young age.

We will all go see a movie tomorrow night I hope, though I am not sure. It depends with the weather, it's really bad tonight. They are experiencing bad snow weather the past week. Mimitchi is still around to see it all, he is 20 years old today and has gone into a slightly demanding phase of his life, but not horribly demanding. He will prolly pass away in a couple of days and I'll have to bring him back to me once again. I love him to much to let him go, I am almost in fear of leaving him un-paused to watch a movie tomorrow night because of his age and I would be devastated if he left during a movie.. We all watched The Net this weekend, once of my all time faves, figured they would enjoy it. :)

Tonight I was a little late getting home, later than I wanted to be. Mimitchi on my cd-rom has been demanding over the past couple of days, I was expecting him to leave anytime. I got home and turned on my computer and found I was 2 mins too late. As it loaded it, it showed little Mimitchi standing there (instead of in the care center where I left him). I saw a little blue space ship lower above him and a sparkly beam came down from the ship and around Mimitchi, it sparked for a few seconds, while Mimitchi stood there with a little smile on his face and it beamed him up into his space craft. He left an angel behind and this message on a postcard:

"Congratulation on raising me. According to my calculation, your family can claim the food, electricity and other expenses you incurred raising me on your tax return under "Tamagotchi Expenses." Good luck!"

I did hatch another a short while ago, it is still a Babitchi, but will change in a little while. It is gen1/p1 and I have noooo idea what I want. but anything other than I have gotten. :)

On a different note, my Angelgotchi, Mesutchi & Osutchi, and Japanese Tama have not arrived yet. The worst things about holidays: no mail. So I *hope* that I will get at least one of those items tomorrow. Off I shall go, a need to care for my cute little Tama's :)

Update: Between 7:45 and 8:05, THEY CHANGED!! Finally!! Yes yes yes yes!! Masukutchi turned into Gaijintchi/Bill and Zukitchi changed into Zatchi!! :)) SOOOOOo Cute Zatchi is! Bill is cute too, but Zatchi takes the cake!! Iím sooooo happy! :)

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