Tamagotchi Log 1/17/98

1/17/98: Well finally I reach a weekend, and all I can say is, it's about time! This morning at 12N my clear green Marutchi finally changed. He changed into.... Kutchitamatchi! Am I happy? Yup! It's the first time I have gotten the beaked character on a Tama (aside from the gold tama experience, time traveling). I was hoping for him. It was terribly hard for me to do it, but I saw no other way to get it other than letting him sleep with a poop next to him every night.. every other attempt I made to get a beaked character failed. I _hated_ doing that to the poor thing.. I guess it's the only way I would ever get it though. And you know what? He's really cute. :) I know some ppl that have reset their Tamaís when it changed into a bad character, or something they didn't want.. but I think that's terribly mean. I could never do that to my little Tama's. On this tama I am hoping to get Nyorotchi or Kutchipatchi, but Tarakotchi wouldn't be bad either. Tarakotchi is so very cute, but I've had him before, I have not had the other two before. So I'll be happy with what I get either way :)

I wait in anticipation for the mail to get here in hopes my Japanese Tama has arrived finally. All the while I am trying to take perfect care of both Zukitchi and Masukutchi, in hopes of getting the secret characters, as I have not gotten them before.

Today at 12:50 I decided to hatch another P2 because I want to get Hashizotchi, one of the few on P2 I havenít got. I also did something that I had only read about on the Tama mailing list. While I was deciding on which Tama to hatch I remembered how someone said the way to get the Dr. Tamagotchi pics was to pull the tab and put it back in before the beep ended over and over. Well out of boredom and too much time on my hands I decided to try it. And I did it using a gen2 Tama. At first I got nothing, but than I did get an all black screen. Next thing I got was the un-hatched egg playing the game. And finally I got it eating, I could select what it ate and it would, and right as it took the last bite it would hatch, no sound at all, just the animation. I was freaking, I couldn't believe it, and in fact I'm still shocked it really worked. Well some of the animations only stayed for a few seconds, than flashed back to the pulsating egg. I got several pics were it showed half of two diff characters, but that one changed within 10 seconds back to the egg. Numbers with pics of the baby and hashizotchi, Zatchi the secret character and just misc pixels here and there. Kinda a mess. Once I got half a Zatchi standing with his head off the top of the screen, and another half of his body standing below his body (if that makes sense). Couple of times I got an angry egg, where the anger turned into a skull. Than the oddest one I got was Takotchi, sick, than pooping, and looking sad. I couldnít do anything except go to the clock, which seemed froze in place. I tried setting it to see if it would affect it, but it didn't. I got lots of diff beeps and half screen stuff, numbers, sometimes it would just land on status: 0 yr, 0 lbs, 0 disciplines, and all hearts empty. I didn't get any with poop or anything like that. I often got the eating egg and the playing game egg one. I can actually play the game with it. So that's my adventures of tama 'hacking' if you can call it that. No less that works, its weird, bit fascinating. Hope it didn't mess up my tama any though. It seemed fine after. No less at least I finally know how that dr. Tamagotchi got those pics. If only I had a scanner here at home. No one would believe me prolly anyways. I'll have to show LeAnne Monday at work though ;) Oh well, I need to take care of my little newborn Tama. I think its kinda mean to screw with a program to get weird effects because I love my Tamaís, I guess I donít really think of them as computer programs.. oh well...

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