Tamagotchi Log 1/15/98

1/15/98: Well today was... interesting. At 9:30 this morning Mametchi on my white and black Tamagotchi passed away.. and shortly after, at 9:32 my other Mametchi passed away. I was playing the game with the first one when he passed away. Interesting enough they got sick at first, then the screen slowly blacked out, than cleared and he was beeping and sick with the flashing skull. I find it interesting how the screen fades, itís almost like beginning a new phase in the programming?.. anyways. I stuck the tab back in the white and black one, while I reset the clear green Tama. Had to have an even number going ;).

So during which my two with legs both got sick. I knew they would change tonight. I've noticed if I start a Tama in the morning hours it will change on its sixth day in the late evening if it gets sick in the morning. Which they both did. For three nights in a row they went to bed with poop beside them. I was hoping this would be the trick to getting a bad character. I was wrong though, because tonight when they changed at about half past 19:00... I got Zukitchi and Masukutchi! :P Not that I am sad about this. I wanted anything below the best characters. My hope is that they will change into the secret characters because I havenít had them before and Zatchi is REALLY cute! Bill isnít too bad either. The only part I am not happy about is they go to bed at 11. Usually that is okay. But tonight I am just worn out and I was gonna turn in at 10.. but oh well one extra hour no matters. I have to get their weight down too. Another thing I did was only play games every now and again, mostly feeding snacks, in hopes of getting like the best of the worst characters... heheh.. now Iím with the average characters again heeh... oh well.

All the while I sit in anticipation for my Japanese Gen2 to arrive in the mail, which should be soon. Following which will be my Angelgotchi and Mesutchi & Osutchi. I'm thinking of buying a Tamagotchi calendar too... but I will with time. I've gotta finish up other things IRL first.. and of course I could not resist buying another Tamagotchi from KayBee when I was there. I bought I light blue P2, with silver Hashizotchi and Pochitchi, and buttons. Very gorgeous Tama IMHO. That takes my count up to 23, with 4 on the way, soon to be 27 :) That's not a very even number so I'll prolly make it a even 30 sometime in the next 4 months... but not too many. The recent release of colors really isnít as pretty as some of the others. I will add prolly 2 Tamagotchi Angel's to it though. Than I'll be able to compare the differences between Japanese version and American version. Just can't wait for that Angelgotchi to get here! Out of them all, thatís the one that excites me the most. I'll prolly eventually buy a DigiMon. Only if my friend LeAnne does too so we can fight. Otherwise I'm not so interested in them as I am in the Angelgotchi. I'm taking care of LeAnne's Talking Nano Baby tonight... and it wants to play soo brb... you'll never notice that I'm gone! ;)

Annyywayyyss... Talking Nano isnít' as fun as Nano Baby, the original. But it's still kinda fun, the games arenít that bad. Nano baby I think is the best rip off version. But nothing compares to Tamagotchi. I'll prolly never buy one, so far I've been quite loyal to Tamagotchi. I'll play with the knock off's, but I wont buy them ;). Tamagotchi is the best. Rip-offs are usually fun for the first time around, but since the program is the same, it does the same thing every time.. no mystery about what character your gonna get or anything.. Oh well. Off I go to try and find something to do to keep myself awake until 11 tonight... than I'm going to bed!

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