Tamagotchi Log 1/14/98

1/14/98: It has been a LONG time since I have written in a log. Or I have just really spaced the last 4 days. Either way not much has happened. The two Tama's I hatched Jan 10th have legs.. I was going for the beaked character.. I just can't seem to get it! :P I am not sure how to get the beaked character. I have ignored all wants for discipline and such, I'm hoping for lesser then healthy characters this time around. But I really have no idea what I'll get, but I am sure I'll be happy with anything most likely.

Yesterday at 4:12pm Mimitchi on my clear black Tamagotchi passed away. He was my Christmas Eve day hatched Tama, from the IRL group hatching I was in. Poor little guy passed away while I was working. I took very good care of him in his last days, he did beep a lot for attn, but I had no choice as I had work to do. But I did catch him most of the time before he beeped. In fact most of the last three days I spent caring for him, taking care of his needs as much as possible and prolly more than my other Tama's. He left while I was playing the game with him.. He left happy and healthy.

Mean while, most things that happened havenít been very exciting at all. Been working lots of hours so my Tama's havenít got around much past the office. They are experiencing Washington Winter Weather though! It's been quite a messy week. I am still expecting some power outages in our area, if that happens I will have to write out logs on paper. That wouldn't be good. My Mametchi's are just sooo needy in their old age of 21 right now. I expect their departure any day now, in fact, I expect them to be on their way to their planet tomorrow sometime.. And you know I'm not that fond of Mametchi, but it has a lot to do with the game.. It's really hard to win with Mametchi and I find whenever I fill one heart, I check and find 2 more missing because it takes so long to win. So this is kinda hard at work, so that's prolly why Mametchi just doesn't rank in my fave's. Really Mametch is cute, kinda adorable, and really not bad all round... if it just weren't for the game and rareness of winning...

I am expecting my Angelgotchi, Mesutchi, Osutchi, and Japanese P2 in the mail shortly... can't wait to get them! :) Japanese P2 should show up first, I believe... We shall see... and off to care for my needy Mametchi's I go...

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