Tamagotchi Log 1/10/98

1/10/98: One thing I have forgotten to mention is the fact that I put my cd-rom in day care after it went to sleep during Tongaritchi stage. And that night when I went to take it out of the care center and restart the timer, I noticed the Tama's lights were on and he had dropped two hearts from happy and one from hungry. That is because he got up in the night and pooped, luckily the care center took care of him!

Anyways. Today my Mametchi's are 17, my Mimitchi on the clear black Tama is 18, and my Mimitchi is only 11. :) The other three are going to die soon. I decided to start up two more. They were hatched about 10 mins apart. I hatched my P2 White and Pink Tamagotchi. It has drawings of Zukitchi, Pochitchi, Hashizotchi and Takotchi on the shell. After which I hatched my favorite and first clear I ever bought. My clear blue with yellow buttons. I hatched them both around 4pm. A little after in fact. I am hoping for either the average character, Iím hopes of getting the secret character. Or I want Hashizotchi, Kuchipatchi, or Nyorotchi, because I have not had either of them. It seems harder to get the less healthy characters.

I have been reading my "Tamagotchi egg: The Unofficial Guide of Intentionally Useless Advice For The Shell-Shocked Parent". Its pretty fun, very entertaining. And it has wonderful ideas. It also has many poems and stories and prayers I can tell my Tamagotchi. I love them very much, so I have read some of it to them. :) It has lots of fun ideas in how to bond and strengthen my relationship with my Tamagotchi. Much of its funny yup, but obviously written by ppl that know what they are talking about. Maybe I should write a Tama caretaking book..... ;)

Lately I've been listening to The Cranberries a lot. A few songs are so good I am gonna put them in the random midi file on the main Mimitchi page. Mostly "When you're gone". Some of the words are, I'm sure most know, goes...

"And in the night I could be helpless I could be lonely, sleeping without you.
And in the day, everythingís complex. There's nothing simple when I'm not around you.
But I miss you when youíre gone, that is what I do. And I've got to carry on, that is what I do.
Hold onto my hands, I feel that I'm sinking, sinking without you...."

I play this song a lot when I lose a Tama. The other night I read that someone on the Tama list danced with their Tamagotchi. It seemed kinda silly, but I decided to um.. give it a whirl, and danced to "When you're gone" with Mimitchi last night. What can I say (laughs) I have too much fun with my Tamagotchi! ;) Course I have done that with other songs, and in the office no less. Usually I don't dance to slow/sad songs. At work I'll dance to funky stuff with my Tama's. Ppl know me, they know how crazy I am, so why not? If I can't have what little fun I have in life then why go on living!? ;) I feel most ppl don't understand me, and I might be your classic computer nerd, but just a little on the crazier side(okay and a little boring, but hey...)! ;)

In fact, all of the midi's I have chosen to be picked at random are there because of one special reason or another. Music is a big part of my life, I love music, some songs just say a lot to me.

My Babitchi's just changed into Tonmarutchi and Marutchi :). Taking me forever to write this log because I've been caring for them as I type. One handed typing isn't as easy hehe. No less I think I've babbled enough today. I must care for my little friends and get ready because we are having company tonight. LeAnne is coming over to play games and hang out. So off we go.....

"Loneliness is when there's a quiet voice inside telling you you need the touch of another human being. A feeling of despair and a secret we are ashamed to admit to our friends." -Edna Shinglebox. Pardon Me, You're Stepping on My Eyeball!"

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