Tamagotchi Log 1/9/98

1/9/98: Today I worked again. I long day, no less the really bad part is Ginji died today at my clumsy hands. I was taking off my coat (a repeat incident...) and he kinda hit the other Tamaís coming out of my sleeve and reset.. Iím so mad at myself because he was only 9 years old... I just got poor Ginji a couple of day ago... I love him so much... sigh..

If anything good can be said about today it's that I got my two Tamagotchi books from amazon.com. They are both good. The Unofficial guide is much more fun than the official book by Bandai though ;) The images of gen2 are messed up in Bandaiís book :P

I would write more, but Iím sad I lost Ginji and not a lot happened today besides the loss of my poor sweet Ginji..... maybe someday Ill get him back again... :(

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