Tamagotchi Log 1/8/98

1/8/98: Been a major work week, so every other day for a long is much more entertaining. Otherwise my logs would be a paragraph each day! ;) Mostly all I have to talk about is kinda just tidbits of stuff...

Anyways, my cd-rom got sick two days ago, and it didn't change yesterday. But I knew it would today. I have NOOOO idea how.. But I got another Mimitchi! ;) Not that I'm complaining! :)

Today at 3:25pm as I entered my office I heard that steady slow beeping of a Tama and I knew what was going on. Mimitchi on my Blue/Yellow Tamagotchi (the one with the painted image of him on the shell) had been demanding, dropping a heart every 3 minutes over the past two days. Today he was 22, the age where he usually dies. I had expected it was him as I looked to my 6 Tama's peering in to look at the little yellow egg. I saw him there lying in his bed... Poor little guy was resting up before his long departure back home. It wasn't too long before he laid me an egg and I heard his finale heartbeat as he passed into the twinkling stars. I love you Mimitchi dear, I'll miss you greatly!

On another note I can grumble about is that my books from Amazon.com have not arrived, even though I paid for 2 day air mail. It should've been here by now. Oh well, maybe tomorrow...

Wednesday was an EGGciting day for me! Last night I won the two auctions I was hoping to. I was highest bidder in a dutch auction for an Angelgotchi, so not only do I get my Angelgotchi (a blue one no less!) but I get a free Angelgotchi magnet. I also have my Japanese Tamagotchi on the way. Than the other auction (some aoler tried to outbid me at the last minute) I won Mesutchi & Osutchi! Can't wait to get those! :)

Embarrassing moment of the day for Wednesday: I was holding my Mimitchi (the same that just passed away today) while in line at a store buying lunch... and he beeped. Out of all my Tama's he has the loudest beep. Everyone in line heard it. LeAnne snickered at me as I tried to feed him and pay at the same time ;) The cashier just kinda smiled at me heheh. I laughed in spite of myself, ppl looked at me, oh well! ;) Speaking of which.. Mametchi is beeping...

She needed food, Iím sure she needs to be played with soon too. Anyways.. Another thing I found I like is "Dark Childe's Theory of Final Transformation", it's a wonderful theory and a cool way to look at a Tama whom leaves. I like it, definitely read it, it's not too long.

Letís see here... Oh yeah, tonight on ER they had a Tamagotchi in the episode. I don't watch that show, but I was upstairs and heard a Tama and my rents were watching it. So I guess I'm gonna watch that tonight when it comes on western time. Someone had lost? or Abandoned it? Not sure. I'll see soon enough! :)

Btw I am not sure who reads these logs if anything or who will, but itís my hope to run everyone of these through a spell checker when I have a free night coming my way! :) Hopefully I donít haf to work this weekend!

Well I think that's pretty much all I have to talk about, Work is always hard around this time, so not a lot happens Tama wise, 'cept for the usual. I am listening to The Cranberries "When you're gone"... Kinda appropriate for Mimitchi... I do miss him when he's gone. This wasn't the Mimitchi I so bonded with and have back always on the same Tama, no less I'll miss him. Mimitchi is a wonderful Tamagotchi character, very rewarding and lovable. :)

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