Tamagotchi Log 1/6/98

1/6/98: The last two days have been really hard work days. No less I gave Tonmarutchi his finale discipline (teal/blue) yesterday. Late last night he changed into..... GINJIROTCHI! :) I love Ginji! :) Iím so glad I got Ginji and not another Mametchi. Yesterday my cd-rom turned into Tongaritchi. I must say I love the noises that little guy makes. He always makes me smile! :) While today he got sick and had to be given some medication to make him well, so he is prolly gonna change over the next two days hopefully! Have no idea who Iíll get though.

I also found "pennies from heaven" as one of my friends said. A check for quite a bit I lost in my purse. No less I decided to get a few things I've wanted. I'm high bidder on an Angelgotchi, Osutchi & Mesutchi, a couple of Cranberries CD's, and I already paid for a Japanese Tamagotchi Gen2, that is on the way in the mail shortly! :) I'm expecting two Tamagotchi books to arrive in the mail over the next two days, can't wait to get those! I bought them from Amazon.com... :) I also have a possibility of a friend getting me a Japanese Gen1 Tamagotchi in Japan in a couple of monthís sooo.. I might get lucky! That's the only thing I really desire for is a Japanese Tamagotchi gen1 :) (if I get all of the above that is... ) I really really really hope I do! No less Iím excited for all of this too happens! :) Either way I am really tired and overworked tonight, so I have to end this log short. I'm sure I'll have much more to write by the end of the week.. My auctions end tomorrow night soo... I'll know if I get my Angelgotchi and Mesutchi & Osutchi shortly :)

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