Tamagotchi Log 1/4/98

1/4/98: Welllllll..... today wasn't such a bad day. Last night my Tongaritchi (yellow/black) called for discipline and got sick before he went to bed. ... aside from being very late for work (ugh work on Sundays.. it doesn't work I tell ya!)... I awaited Mimitchi to be.. Mimitchi. My theory about keeping track of the poop schedule and them changing on the third poop of the day came through again. After work I sat in my room holding my yellow egg, watching the clock. He was to poop at 6:49pm.. sooo.. if he was to change, it would happen at 6:44.. and it did! He changed into little Mimitchi.. I feel rotten for killing him before, I’m still uncertain how, but it happened. I am just thrilled he has returned to me though! :)

On other thoughts my ongoing search for a Japanese Tamagotchi P1 and Japanese Angelgotchi continues. Though my hopes may be answered. I am a high bidder in an auction on eBay to buy an Angelgotchi.. That auction ends in 3 days, so I'll know shortly... I hope hope hope hope hope heheh that I get one. Any color! I don't care! I just want one! :)

I got an email today from someone selling a Japanese Tamagotchi for $28, P2/Gen2... The characters are still diff, so I still want one. I wrote back requesting information, I do want to verify that this is, indeed, not a hybrid but an actual Japanese Tama. Kinda nervous about giving away 28 bucks without being sure about something, considering there is a big difference between the US and Japanese versions. Maybe Ill be lucky and find a P1 someday? Who knows... guess that's what EBay is for! ;)

Course my curiosity continues as I read about Mesutchi and Osutchi... I wouldn’t mind getting a hold of a pair of them, for they have definite changes when they get to the US in them. They sound like a lot of fun. Unlike DigiMon. The idea of fighting Tamagotchi doesn't really appeal to me at all... but I guess I'll see. This should me called my "Ramble logs".. ;)

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