Tamagotchi Log 12/11/97

12/11/97: Well I have all adult Tamas now, 'cept one, I'll explain Kusatchi in a minute. They are all well into their teens, Ďcept 2. Most are 14+. The Masukutchi are very very demanding. And work is hard to complete with them. Pause was used a lot today. Itís hard to work when being beeped at every 10 minutes. I won't give up on them. But itís just hard, but I am still living and I still love them very much. I am glad a weekend is near. I fear the loss of a few of them soon though. Particularly Mimitchi is going to leave I foresee by Sunday. He is 19 now, rather demanding. Though it seems my Masukutchi at age 17 is more demanding. Masukutchi is always demanding at such a young age, Mimitchi is so easy to care for though, another reason I love him so much. He got sick yesterday. That is another reason I believe he will be departing soon. He usually gets sick 4-5 days before his departure. He will be 22 on Sunday, so it kinda adds up as being that day. I hope he at least stays for the day, so I have a little time with him before he leaves. Than it will be yet another 6-8 days before he comes back to me.. :(

Also, it seems my gold Tama never brings me much luck. My friend restarted even though I really didn't want to restart it. So the story of Kusatchi is this: He was 9 years old today. I really did want him, even if he was might unhealthy. On the way to work I need to go into the store and do some errands. I go in and decide to put Kusatchi on pause becuz I didn't want him to get sick because I didn't have time to care for him while I was dong my errands. Well, I put him back in my pocket and finish up. We head off to work and we arrive there no longer then 25 mins after I put him on pause. I pull out all of my tamas and lay them on the table to reveal... Kusatchi.. somehow? some way? had reset. He was the only one. Nothing happened that would have made him reset like that. I still have no idea how it happened. But I feel bad for the poor thing. I raised it to be an unhealthy character because that is what I wanted, and now he dies by reset? Nothing but problems with my gold Tama I tell you. My friend reset it, so I will let this one live on. But after this one leaves (hopefully not by reset or anything funky else that can go wrong) I will prolly never hatch another on that Tama...

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