Tamagotchi Log 01/03/97

01/03/97: I didn't write last night because yesterday was kinda.. well.. uneventful. Not much fun in going to work and working 8 hours. Though the only good parts of yesterday were that Tonmarutchi got legs, he's now Tongaritchi. And my friend LeAnne came home yesterday from California :) Other than a few disciplines to my Tama's not much. This morning I woke up late again, my Marutchi (teal/blue) changed into Tamatchi.. a normal change. I have only got the beaked character 2 times. One was because the gold tama clock was running so fast it was ticking off minutes every 1 second.. poor Takotchi condemned to die.. better not to think about it... anyways.

I decided to finally restart my cd-rom. I hatched him about 20 mins ago, he is already in bed sleeping. I hatched a Gen2/P2. I sent back one last time to get a gen2, this time I was gonna take whatever I got.. I don't really have a goal in what I want this time.. anything would be good cuz I've only had a couple from gen2 on cd-rom :) it'd be kinda cool to get zukitchi or hashizotchi.. but who knows, cd-rom is less predictable.

Anyway, I expect to have Mimitchi back anytime now. He's 75% discipline :) Prolly tomorrow :) He'll be 5 tomorrow. I have no idea what Ill get on my teal tama, but I hope not another Mametchi! :P Variety is the spice of life! ;)

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