Tamagotchi Log 01/01/98

01/01/98: Well, as figured I spent my new years online. I guess net-aholic's and IRC addicts have nothing better to do... and I'm one, so why not? Anyways, I spent it with my clear black Mimitchi and I hatched my teal gen1 at midnight. Brendan hatched his with me, a teal one as well while online in IRC. I spent much time in ThinkFast, I'm a recovering TF addict, but I'm going back again.. soooo.. I dunno how recovered I'll be after this month.

While I had put my Mimitchi cd-rom to bed at his usual 9pm, I went to check on him around 1am. To my surprise (?), disgust, and emotional upset, one the screen was only an angel. Mimitchi had passed away in his sleep?! For no reason what so ever. I miss him greatly and is definitely a favorite of mine. But why he left so early must be because he slept in poop that one day a few logs back :(... I havenít started a new cd-rom one yet. I'll do that prolly after work tomorrow. Not sure though. Just wish he hadn't left. So that was 2 Mimitchi's I lost over new years eve/day. I don't think this is a good start for 98 for me... can I have a restart? sigh. Anyway, Iím raising another Mimitchi on my Mimitchi Tama once again. I am unsure of what I want on my teal Tama, maybe Ginjirotchi this time? Masukutchi? Even Nyorotchi or Hashizotchi would be a nice change. Either way I don't want Mametchi, I already have so many :P Variety is the spice of life after all.

This TF addict stayed up till 4am, so I got woken up several times all morning to beeping Tama's and that was fine, I still needed to sleep in till 12N, just enough to throw off my schedule completely so I have to try and go to work on time tomorrow :P I went back to ThinkFast today played lots in there, and I believe I will submit a Tamagotchi topic for the game in the near future ;). hmmm... gives me an idea... Anyways, Iím hoping that nothing else happens, after all, it has not started as a good year so far!

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