Tamagotchi Log 05/23/2016

Hello World!

That's the first thing I ever wrote and published on the internet on a page that is long long gone many years ago. Weird the things I remember but can't remember other stuffs. I guess I remember it most because it's related to one of my passions.

So here I am late May of 2016. It's been weird here. The weather likes to be hot one day and rainy and stormy cold the next day. I would prefer something in the middle there, but mother nature will do as she does.

The rain sure smells awesome here. It's one of the best smells in the world. If you ever come up to Washington State.. be sure to smell the rain. Don't do that in California though - it smells like pollution there (at least it did were I used to live).

Well it's been a bit since I wrote, good things have happened though.

Most importantly where I noted last time that I was wound up in a chain of endless bad luck.. that seems to have finally let up on me.

May was a good month. I hope it was for you too.

This might be obvious, but I have had a lot of anger over the second half of 2015 and most of 2016. A lot of emotion I don't usually have boiled up in me for a while. I did not know why, I just knew I did not want to let anyone here know about it - "here" as in people who know me IRL - you dear reader.. probably know much more about my state of mind than they do. Likely that is probably always been true now that I think about it. I guess I tend to deal with things in my own way as we all do.

So anyway, May presented an opportunity for me to breathe and let some stress melt off. No negative impression toward anyone in particular is meant to be drawn from this.. but the reason why May was good is because everyone left. Most of my family traveled to the other side of the country and I stayed here.

Not that any of them have everything to do with it entirely, but I think I needed a break and I do mean like a real break. Away from stress, away from people, away from pressure, away from the constant questions and need to be on the defense all the time, away from the worry of being tossed out... etc etc.

Everyone gets to their breaking point and I was getting dangerously close to mine. Luckily May Happened.

So I had 14 complete days alone where I 100% could just Be.

Be me. Be here. Be relaxed. Be whatever I wanted.

Just Be.

I got a lot of sleep, I watched movies for the first time in months, I smiled and laughed, I slept a whole lot, I actually read a bit through the Tamagotchi groups I am in on facebook and enjoyed some of the photos of Tama's I do not own, I talked with some friends I had not talked with in a while, I had some pizza totally guilt free, I had some salmon too because I do love fish, I got in contact with someone I had not spoken with in nearly a year, I got some extra sleep, and I got a lot of sleep if I didn't mention that. Well most of the sleep was in the first week hehe.

I also got back to being me. Part of being me is having a purpose in life. I like to Do things, to work on projects, to see progress.. I mean who doesn't like to have purpose? I've not had much for a long while.

I do not know if I have ever mentioned it here but I am a bit of a nerd. I do love computers, working with my hands, fixing things, and tech in general. I am that person the family comes to with computer problems.

I won't go on much about this as to avoid boring you.. but after months of thinking about it, I decided to abandon Microsoft Windows. Yes seriously after 25+ years of being a Windows user.. I finally reached the point where I needed change. If you know about all of the privacy issues with Windows 10 than you know one of the major reasons for that decision. I am not on Win10 and have no intention to be ever at this point.

After years of using many great open source programs I decided it was time to install Linux. I worried it would be too much for me.. I mean I am set in my ways about many things these days. I am very used to Windows. I wasn't sure if I would adapt.

So I installed Linux and unless you really want to know (in which case feel free to message me so we can nerd out together) I will not go into detail there, but needless to say I got the system up and running well. I set up dual boot with two different hard drives because I was near certain that Linux would only be a side interest, something to use and learn, but I figured I'd stick with Windows for my work and whatnot.

I dunno, but something happened. I haven't logged into Windows since nearly the first day except to move files to a shared partition. I keep waiting for that "Ok I can't live with This situation I need to migrate back" moment... but it keeps not happening. In fact I am happy.

I love learning, I am always learning, always reading, always love to hear others stories. I watch youtube whenever I can and try to learn new things from talented youtubers. I've been focused on computer repair and Linux videos for quite a while now.

So this part of me, an important part of me from the past, is finally able to really come out lately. And it's made me really happy.

Last saturday I felt so accomplished.. I had set a list of things I wanted to do when I started this adventure. And I finished that list. I could not believe that I was able to do it. Failure always hits me hard, but not this time. The geek in me never really died... it was just waiting for a better future. :-)

I know that is not a topic people in general find as fascinating as me, but I had to mention it because it sincerely started me on a path of feeling better over that two week period.

And while I was watching movies I loved from years ago with Sandra Bullock (because I love that woman, she's awesome), eating pizza, and enjoying my nerd time.. things kinda just fell into place with my business to help me have some of these days. I still had to work, but that's not all I did for once. And it was really nice.

That may not sound like an amazing time to some, but for me it was very healing to my soul. A lot of that anger, that hurt, those emotions.. they sunk away during this time.

I feel a lot better.

So you might be asking.. what of my Tamagotchi? I haven't said much on them in a while. That is because I have no batteries in all honesty. However.. just today much to my surprise I was informed from my dear friend Dennis that batteries are on the way to me. Have I mentioned Dennis is a very kind and sweet friend? He is The Dennis from the Tama groups on facebook yes. He writes about my favorite Tama's which of course are all of the originals.. :-)

So anyway.. I know him sending me these batteries are all part of a conspiracy... it's a secret plot to get me to hatch more Tama's with him! Hehe.. and I absolutely look forward to it. :-)

Oh look what he just said in chat to me...

Dennis quote from FB

See I knew the plan!! ;-D

That of course means... I shall have some hatching news here soon!

I must say a special thanks to Ava whom reached out to me on Facebook recently. Ava is a very nice person who wanted to help me through this hard time in my life. I am very touched by her kindness. Her reaching out to me right then was really good timing.. better things started happening from here on out.

Ava loves the original Furbys, so she wanted to adopt one of mine. As it turns out Boo was her first choice. And luckily he was here at the house after quite a long bit of trying to find him. He is obviously good at hide and seek! Boo has his own page on the Furby section, he's a green turtle patterned Furby with a abnormally big poofy tail!


I am happy to say that Boo has arrived at his new home. I am told that Boo and U-Tye (another of Ava's Furbys whom is a Jester) have a bit of a romance going on hehe.. ahhh true love.. perhaps this all was meant to be.. :-) Much thanks and love to you and your Furby family, Ava. :-)

Oh I would also like to mention that Ava is the reason why I know how to fix gear stuck Furbys now. I had no idea that this was happening to so many people.

I had a gal on ebay buy one of my Furbys for her 9 year old girl's birthday and when she put in batteries he did not work. It was a pretty huge disappointment for them.. I could tell they were upset at me. It was new in the box, I really had no idea, but I can imagine how awful that moment was. I got him back and until Ava talked with me I had no idea there was a easy way to fix him.

The happy ending to this story is that did I fix that Furby and I was able to get it back to the little girl who wanted him and now she finally has her working Furby. Sad her birthday went that way, but I hope she enjoys him now that he's there and working.

A huge thanks to Ava for pointing me in the right direction. A little girl on the other side of the country is happy because of your advice. :-)

So that's it for this time.. thank you for lending me your ear. Or is that lending me your eyes?

Until next time.. take care of yourself. Good times ahead, I have faith. Life turns on a dime.. ya never do know what tomorrow might bring.

This is.. 3 Doors Down "Landing in London".

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