Tamagotchi Log 12/31/97

12/31/97: Just when I thought everything was okay... it really isn't. Can't one thing just go right for me?! Today was a perfectly normal day (besides the fact that it took forever because I was getting out of work early, but it seemed longer).. until I got home. Finally I got home around 1:55pm... I went up to the mail box to get the mail with my Tama's, playing with them the whole way. It had rained a little earlier, and there was some water dripping off the house, mailbox, porch.. etc. All places I was walking near and under. Well I get downstairs and take off my coat. When I get it off I hear that beep... that sound I dread so much. Only it only beeped once, I shake as I fumble through my Tama's and find that my Mimitchi (yellow/black)... the Mimitchi I love above all and have since the beginning, had reset at 2pm. Somehow. I am only guessing by water, because I noticed some water around the screen. I don't recall bumping him on anything to make him reset. But it was definitely reset and since there was water, that's all I can think it could be. Other's had gotten water in them, but never reset. Of all Tama's to reset why him?! I know I have 4 Mimitchi's... well now 3. But there is really a diff between them all. Mimitchi Tamagotchi is my sweetie, I have never had any other character on that yellow and black Tama since I bought it. He's very special to me. He was only 16 years old too... we had a good 6 days together left at least. Instead I lost him... I don't know if I should scream or cry, so I just restarted him... he'll be back in a week. But of all days... why today, why not tomorrow? Or the day after? This was the first New Years I was gonna spend with him. It was going to be a special evening. He was there, and I needed him really badly this year. LeAnne is out of town, she won’t be back for a while. Brendan of course is in CA. So I am gonna be alone. I was intending it to be with Mimitchi... instead I'll be without him... again, when I really needed him. I still can't believe this happened!! Of all days, why today?? I can see the New Year is going to start out on a really bad note. I guess I expected this year to be different because I would have someone I care about with me, but instead I will be alone... again. Just like all the other years. Guess it was too much to believe that this year would be different...
Nonetheless I have 3other Mimitchi's... but I would have gladly been happier to see one of them go, over the one that did. This ends today's log. I'm too tired and upset to do any more for the day. Maybe I'll hatch another Gen1 tonight at midnight in the group hatching. But I'm really not sure.

It's like I killed him. I took his life away because I was stupid! Oh dearest Mimitchi, where ever you are I love you, I miss you dearly and I am so very very sorry.. How can I live without you?

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