Tamagotchi Log 11/03/02

11/03/02: It's time for another log.

As my frequent readers know... I only update logs when something happens with my Tama that is worth talking about. *big smile* Frequent readers will also know what the next step in my Tama's growth is. *even bigger smile*

But first... *laughter*

Halloween was interesting. I highly looked forward to that day. Why? Because I play Animal Crossing and this was a holiday that I was anticipating being a good one. Wanna hear about it?

Oh sure.

It was pretty cool. Everyone put on black and a big pumpkin head and ran around the town. Whenever someone got near me, they'd pull me into conversation and insist I give them candy. When I didn't have candy, they would turn one of my items, at random, into a Jack-o-lantern or a jack-in-the-box! I had plenty of those candies, however I enjoyed collecting the ragged clothes and the items that aren't available at any other time of the year. Eventually, I found the real "Jack" and he gave me pumpkin bookcase which, as he said, isn't available at any other time of the year. The Meyer also gave me some sort of tent thing, however I'm unsure of what it's for as of yet.

Also something interesting... I left some candy lying on the ground and when I came back for it I found ants crawling on it! I have not seen them before, but there they were, so I caught a few of them. When I drop the ant in my house, I have an ant farm. They don't go for much in the shop, but I haven't ever found ants before, so that was pretty cool. Catching bugs can be tricky, there don't seem to be too many out there right now. I've read they are different bugs during the different seasons of the year.

Animal Crossing is a great game and I rather enjoy it. I even bought a cable for my Game Boy so I could go to the island. It wasn't that great of a deal though - seems like a scam to get you to spend 20 bucks on a thingy from Nintendo ;)

I wrote a review on this game at Epinions. You may have to join to read it. If you do join, be sure to enter in the box that Furbster referred you! :)

Alright, here we go.

This week I have been not as attentive at taking care of my Tama as I was the week before. This had a lot to do with my job (as always). In fact, since my last log, yesterday was the first time my Tama got unpaused because of the bad week. He was unpaused all day yesterday, though. He eventually asked for a discipline and got sick in the evening. So by the time I went to bed he was looking at 100% discipline and he was 6 years old. I had expected him to change yesterday, but I guess the hours just landed wrong because he showed no signs of it by the time he went to bed.

This morning I knew he was close though. I was reading a Dave Barry book when I heard that ever-familiar changing sound. I looked at the clock and noticed it was 12:29pm. I reached over for my Tama...

...as I did so, I thought there was a chance I'd be getting Pochitchi or Zukitchi because of how I had cared for him. While I was hitting all of the disciplines, I didn't go to any stretch to take perfect care. There were a couple of times he emptied more then 2 hearts and he wasn't cared for perfectly like I would have done if I was trying for any characters in particular (read: Mimitchi). However, I did try to look out for this Tama as well as I could between work and other things. But yes, my care taking wasn't up to par as it would have been if I was trying to get a certain character (also read: Mimitchi).

So as I reached over to grab that Tama I was in the belief that I had gotten Pochitchi or Zukitchi. I figured somewhere in there lay the answer to a less then perfect care taking experience.

I picked the Tama up off the nightstand and slowly brought him over to me. I was feeling excited at the moment, yet kind of nervous. I mean... it has been over two years since I've done this! And I figured I'd be broadcasting here on my website the results - no matter the result.

I looked at the Tama character on the screen...

(In case you're wondering, all the extra chat in between paragraphs is not designed to take up space and put into account a few moments of suspense - Ok, so it is. *smile*)

What do we have here?

As my eye's met the screen I peered onto a familiar face. For a moment I watched him intently pacing on the screen. All 75 of his pixels waddling as he took each step.

My friend. How I expected to see you again soon some day. While I didn't expect to see you so soon, your presence is welcomed. You bring with you memories and a warm feeling of familiarity and friendship.

Who more perfect to greet me again, after two long years, then Mimitchi himself?


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