Tamagotchi Log 10/27/02

10/27/02: When I started doing this almost seven years ago, I had no idea what it'd turned into. I didn't know a whole lot about web pages, and I really didn't have any idea in mind at what I wanted to do with my page. I just knew I wanted a page. The whole thing was fairly new to me, I learned a lot of my HTML knowledge in chatrooms. Many people find this funny when I tell them this. It's entirely true, though. I figure that I owe a lot to those people that I met so many years ago in that chatroom. After all, with things that I was learning back then have enabled me to get a job. I've lost contact with nearly every one of those folks. If I had told them some day I'd be doing this for a living, I prolly would have gotten a few chuckles. I was just doing this for fun, and I had nothing better do with my time, so I just absorbed what I could.

Now, years later, I'm still doing what I was doing back then, except now I'm doing it for a living. Which a person would think is the ideal job, after all it was something I enjoyed for so long. I find these days that I don't mind the work, however I don't enjoy it as much as I did back when I was writing these logs. Life is weird like that.

I've found myself coming back to do logs again, not only because of so many people who would e-mail me and tell me they want me to update my site again, but because I enjoy writing. I'd like to do more writing in the future, but I'm not exactly sure what I'd like to write about. I've started projects, but most of them have no endings. I've debated many times about starting another section of my website, only this section would be more general topics that I'd write about. But really, I don't know how successful that type of web page would be. I mean really, who would want to come to my website and just to read about my thoughts on one random thing or another? This is something that has been rolling around in my head for a while, but I don't know if I will ever really get a start on that or not. I guess I won't really know unless I give it a shot, eh?

But I have rambled enough, now haven't I?

So what's going on with my Tamagotchi? As you may recall in my last Tama log I said that my Tama was well on its way to changing. After all, it was 3 years old, so it had to be close.

Strangely enough, that very evening only a couple hours after writing that log, my Tama did change into the next character. I got myself a Tongaritchi. I've been playing with him on and off throughout the week. He's mostly awake in the evenings. But as I said before, I've just been changing the clock as if he were on regular schedules.

Right now my Tama is 5 years old, 23 lbs., 75% disciplined, and - hey! He just pooped! Boy was he happy to be done with that. OK, he's all cleaned up and happy now. And he just lost a heart in hungry... OK now he's better. He's now full on all hearts in hunger and happiness.

Taking care of him has been extremely easy going this week, and I suspect I have many more of these relaxed care taking days ahead of me. Of course, since I haven't hatched one in so long, it's been a sort of exciting week. That anxious feeling I used to have when Tama's evolved from one stage to the next is back again.

It's amazing how many people are still interested in Tamagotchi. All my mail used to be from people wondering if I was going to close down the site, or if I would ever start updating again. Oddly enough that sort of email has stopped and, the other very popular subject that amount for most of my email, is the big thing still coming in.

Everyone asks, "Where do I buy a Tama?" or several thousand variations of this statement. I answer them the same every single time - ebay.com - this is the only real place you can find Tama's at a descent price.

For some reason there are folks who look in stores, thinking they might still be around. Yes even after 7 years since the initial release of Tamagotchi, people are still looking and asking where they can get one in stores. I still even get the occasional letter from someone who missed the craze all together and is getting their very first one soon.

I believe that Bandai could still make good money off of Tamagotchi if they suddenly started selling them again. There are so many people out there who want them for the first time, or just want them after years of not having them. Bandai should listen to their email and see this activity. Even Tickle Me Elmo, which was a craze if there ever was a definition, is still on the shelves and people still buy them (as worthless as I think they are).

Why did Bandai stop making Tamagotchi? I imagine for business reasons, for profit (or lack of) reasons. However, I think that Bandai could come back and do it again on a smaller scale that won't allow them to lose in the deal. I think they are missing an opportunity to get their, once very popular, product out there. Many emails later and years after from fans around the world, I suspect that we won't see the arrival of Tamagotchi back in the stores - at least not for many years to come - if it happens at all. Which is sad, but I'd be surprised if anything different occurred.

For any of you whom are reading this and are about to email me regarding the availability of Tamagotchi or if perhaps inquiring if I am selling any, this is your answer now: No. I have none for sale and I highly recommend ebay.com for your Tamagotchi buying needs - Japanese and English.

And no, I have no plans on selling mine, not now or ever. And yes there are folks who have tried very hard, including making up rather interesting lies and stories to try and get me to sell my collection or just single Tama's from my collection. I find this rather odd, when most of the time they just want one Tamagotchi of any color and language, but they won't just go to eBay and pick one up for cheap - far cheaper then I'd ever sell any of mine for.

That's all I've got for now. Back to doing random stuff for the rest of my Sunday. It is extremely nice to have that extra hour back!

I suspect that I'll be writing another Tama log real soon, because at age 5 he has got to be a real close to changing into his adult form.

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