Tamagotchi Log 10/21/02

10/21/02: Of all the days of the week I dread, I hate Monday's the most.

Did you know that that up to 20 percent more people die from heart attacks on a Monday than any other day?

Fortunately I'm not in that situation - yet! My job could drive me there though! ;)

You wanna know a great song? It's called "Bother" by Stone Sour. It's a cool song from the Spiderman soundtrack (a great movie). And that's my music tip of the day, hahah.

Alrighty then. Down to business here. This past six days has been quite busy since I last wrote in my logs. My family was in town, so I was quite busy over this period. I haven't seen them in over 10 months, so it was nice they could visit. They were in town for work, unfortunately. I did get to have brunch with them on my birthday, so that was good. I'll get to see them again at Christmas. I rather miss friends from back home a lot. I don't know when I'll live back there again, but I hope to someday.

My current rant: I currently despise the apartment I live in and the people who own it. They come in whenever they want and do yard work outside my open window as early as 7 AM - on any day including Saturday mornings! Guess no one sleeps in here. I'm a programmer - I'm definitely not a morning person. Why is my window open? Because the air conditioner they have for the entire apartment is a single room air conditioner - imagine how ineffective it is in an apartment with 2 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, bathroom and hallway. It only works if you sit right in front of it. Gotta love it.

Oh yes and my final complaint on these wonderful people (I'm sure you love reading this very entertaining material) - they will be coming in here tomorrow to measure our countertops so they can replace them in the near future. Let me just say I'm thrilled that they think it might be okay for strangers to wonder in and out of here any time they want at any hour of the day - yes let me put my life on hold for you people-who-just-raised-my-rent-for-the-third-time-this-year! Sigh. Needless to say I plan on moving again.

I haven't had a ton of time with my Tama. I had decided what I'd do so I'd know where in the growth process he was, that I would just keep the clock at whatever he left off of. So I just pause him and unpause him, not changing the clock. If he goes to bed and I want to keep him awake more, I just set the clock to 9 AM the next day and he'll wake up. I've been doing this and this is working well. So even if 3 days of mine go by, if he hasn't had the hours he needs to equal his 3 days, he will still show that on his status screen. This way I can keep better track of his progress. I think this will work in this situation since I can't take him to work with me.

Wednesday of last week, my Tama was awake for only a few hours that evening. He got another discipline that night, bringing him up to 50 percent. Thursday I was out all evening and didn't have a single moment here with him. On Saturday he was unpaused for several hours during the morning and afternoon. He was paused late that evening, but not before he had another discipline call to push him up to 75 percent. On Sunday evening he was unpaused for only a few hours. But during that time he got sick, signifying that he would be evolving into his teen stage real soon. I'm assuming since I had the 75 percent that I will get Tongaritchi - but only time will tell.

Tonight he's been awake for a couple of hours. I finally got in the final discipline too! He just fell asleep just now in fact. I just reset the clock to 9 AM, so he is awake again. He is now four years old, 25 pounds, 100 percent disciplined and all full on hearts. He weighs more then I'd like, but there have been a few incidents where I've had to feed him a snack because I couldn't play the game with him at that moment (like being on the phone).

I'll prolly have him awake for a few more hours tonight before I go to bed.

Usually about this time of year I have my plane tickets and I'm ready to fly off to Treasure Island a month from now for BattleBots. Unfortunately the tournament was delayed with an unknown date, which will probably be set next spring. That is usually my vacation, so I don't have a whole lot to look forward to for the remainder of 2002. There's only about 10 weeks left in 2002! Isn't that insane? Life is speeding along quite fast.

Finally, before I go, I wish to say thank you. Several of you wrote to me to thank me for starting to write logs again. I had no idea I still had so many readers - especially in a market this small (after all Tamagotchi is over 5 years old). Those of you that wrote - thank you, it feels great to have support and makes the whole effort worthwhile.

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