Tamagotchi Log 10/15/02

10/15/02: It's about time, eh?

For a couple of months now I have had this nagging feeling inside. I felt the need to *hatch*. It pulled at me for quite a while. I talked to friends about it, even. My sister and my best friend even hatched one a little over a month ago. They felt that same need like I have.

Last weekend, while I was bidding on several Japanese Tamagotchi auctions, I felt the need grow stronger. On Saturday afternoon, I was feeling the effects of the flu, as I pulled out my box of Tama's.

A box that had been unopened since the day I moved here.

I opened it up and pulled out my Tama's, whom were carefully packed in, in sets of two's. Examining each one, with memories flowing back to me, I felt the urge to care for them again. It had been like this part of my life was missing for so long, I wasn't sure if I had let go for too long or caught it just in time.

On Sunday I won 10 Japanese Tama auctions. The previous week I had won 2 Tama's, a P1 and P2. I won the auction for the Ginji key chain (which is very cute).

That evening I was looking at the box's of my new P1 and P2 I had won with the Ginji key chain, thinking back to the day when I had opened my very first Tama. Mimitchi Tamagotchi. With that in mind, I decided right then that I would indeed hatch. Soon. I didn't do it then, but I knew it was to happen very soon.

And it did. 24 hours later, to be exact.

Last night, when I was on the phone with my friend from back home, I confessed that I needed to hatch a Tama. I asked her which of the two I had gotten in the mail should I hatch - or if I should hatch both. She said I should just start out with P2. So I went with that.

After I got off the phone, I did it. I sat at my computer and pulled out the ever familiar plastic strip in the right side of the Tamagotchi - "Attention: Pull and remove plastic strip to start Tamagotchi."

A long beep indicated that there was no turning back.

After a quick reset, I set the clock. 11:07pm

It felt strange to be taking care of a Tama again. But I obviously missed it. A smile spread across my face when I read the sticker on the back of the Tama - "Caution: Battery harmful or fatal if swallowed."

As normal, the Shirobabitchi was with me last night for about an hour and 20 minutes. He was extremely needy and needed several games. He pooped, went to bed and shortly after he got sick. Not too long later he changed into Tonmarutchi. One complete animation and he went straight to sleep, upon noticing the time. It was near thirty past midnight so it was time for me to sleep as well.

Today I have stayed home, my flu is lingering. This has benefited my Tonmarutchi, whom woke up at his usual hour of 9am. I was already up playing Animal Crossing on NES Game Cube - which is a really fun additive game! I'd recommend you'd give it a whirl if you haven't had a chance to try this one yet.

So far today my Tama has pooped once, asked for discipline once and I've had to play the game four or five times with him and he's eaten just about that amount too. I don't plan on doing much, except working from home here today, so I suspect he will live his full day out without pausing.

Once I'm going back to work every day though, I'll be pausing him during my regular work hours. I'll spend time with him when I get home after that and just set the clock when I need to put him to bed. His growth will be much slower this way, but it's the only way I can do it with my job the way it is.

I think a major reason I really needed to hatch a Tama, wasn't only because I had missed them, but I have missed the fun of it in my life. Since moving here and having this job, I've found myself with less time and more responsibility. I've found I've had very little time to enjoy life the way I used to. Back at my old job I was poor - but at least I was having fun. Now I'm doing better, but some of that fun that kept me happy before has disappeared from my life. I've missed it. Now I fear I've become that workaholic that has nothing better to do, you know? Tamagotchi is a good place to start for me, after all I carried them around with me for almost 3 years.

Anyways... Right now my Tonmarutchi is 2 years old, 11 pounds, 25 percent disciplined, and has full hearts across the board. He's just bobbing across the screen right now, quiet and content!

And with that... I depart! I expect to be adding logs during this Tama's growth, so stay tuned for future updates soon!

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