Tamagotchi Log 2/03/02

2/03/02: It's well over a year since I wrote a Tama log. Life has changed and everything is different. It's amazing how things can change of such a short period of time. Regardless, here I am.

It's an early Sunday morning. It's about 50 degrees in here; I have my sweater on. I'm sitting in my apartment office chair in front of my desk. To my right I have BattleBots toys, robot projects I'm working on and Aibo software. To my left I've got more BattleBots toys, my walking robot and a big Furby stuffed animal. Beautiful silence fills the air... nothing but the sound of my computer and my fingers on the keys. I rarely get to enjoy days like this...

So "what's the deal with Tamagotchi Planet?" you might ask me. I've been asked several times in email why I haven't updated and if I plan on it. Even now, a couple years after my most major updates, I still get that question at least a few times a week. Welp, that is one of the reasons I have decided to write this log.

This is what I tell everyone, so I might as well write it here. Tamagotchi Planet has ceased in updates for the most part in the last couple of years due to many reasons, some of which are entirely out of my control. First of all, Bandai is no longer producing new Tamagotchi and the few that I don't have from the Japanese market are hard to get and high priced.

Next, the job I had back home when I was originally writing this site allowed me to bring my Tama's to work and thus I could spend all the time I needed with them, which enabled me to write logs, make animations and jot down information to post on the site. The job I currently have is upwards of more on the professional side and does not allow me to bring Tama's to work due to that professional standard and even if I did bring Tama's to work I'd in no way have time for them.

Which leads me to the final reason of why this site isn't updated the way it used to be; time. My time is very limited these days. Most of the time these days I don't get home till late after most Tama characters will have been in 'bed' and I leave before they would wake up in the morning. My work schedule is very chaotic and very busy. I have no choice in my work hours. Most of the time I'm very tired at the end of the day. Even more so when I get home it's very hard to try and work on a website after all I've been doing for 8-12 hours during the day is working on websites. It's very hard now because of that. I am a full time web programmer/developer now. Back when I was doing this site I was a part time office worker in a pretty casual work environment that allowed me to take off any days I wanted and bring in whatever toys I wanted.

So there you pretty much have the reasons why this site hasn't been updated in a long time. I am still paying for the hosting and the domain, so don't worry about it disappearing any time soon. I have established this site very well in search engines over the years and still plan to update sections of the mimitchi.com site. However, it's not reasonable to assume I will be able to update this section of the site the way I used to. I'm sorry but I just don't have the ability or time like I used to.

My websites are pretty poor compared to what I am doing now. I have thought much of an overhaul of this website. I believe some day I'll do it. The only section that I'm really happy with on my site is my Life with Aibo section.

I don't think I've mentioned it here before, but if you don't know already, my dream of owning an Sony Aibo came true in March of 2001. I got a second Aibo in June 2001. Check out the Aibo section of my site for more detail and pictures if you are curious about my puppies.

I also am very into BattleBots. I've got all the toys and stuff. I went to the November competition and had the time of my life. The season they filmed then is now on Comedy Central, Tuesdays at 10pm Pacific. It's season 4. I plan on going to the next one as well this year, but this time I might go on a team instead of a spectator only. BattleBots has re-reminded me of my want to build robots when I was a kid, only now I can afford to buy stuff to do so. So one of the things I have been doing in my spare time is building robot kits and learning about robotics and electronics. I used to drool about doing it, now I am doing it in my free time. :)

I've been into a lot of different things, unfortunately Tama's just haven't been really big on the list for a while now. I still enjoy them. I am still on the Tama email group and enjoy reading about others experiences. I just haven't had the time to get into it like I said before.

And it's on that note I'll state that this is the last Tama log I will be writing for now. There is a possibility that I will someday again start up the logs and pull out some Tama's and get back to keeping a log on the Tama experience. In fact I suspect it will happen some day in the next couple of years.

These logs were started so I could have a place to talk about my Tama's. Well I don't have any going and haven't played with one in over a year. The last few logs have been about my life and experiences, rather then about Tamagotchi. So it's time now to officially close off the logs. I've been writing these things for more then 3 years and it's been fun. I've met a lot of great people and I've had a lot of good experiences.

This section and the archives will remain so those that want to read of my experiences still can. Nothing will change, except that you will know that there will be no updates to this section for a while now. I have dragged it on long enough and I hate to promise another log to you when there probably won't be another for a long time to come. So for now, this is my last and final Tama log.

I very much appreciate the patronage from my visitors and the many of you that have kept in contact and emailed me throughout the years. I hope that I will still hear from many of you and that you will still take the time to visit mimitchi.com now and again and check out some of the other things going on in my life. And of course, the Tama section will have the occasional update as well to look forward to.

It is for you, dedicated visitor, that I keep paying for this site to stay online and the reason I bother to update at all now and again. It is for you, dedicated reader, that I am writing this log today so that you can understand a bit of what is going on in my life and why this page is the way it is today. And I am sorry to be writing this, but itís been coming for a long time.

I hope that you enjoy the rest of the Tamagotchi Planet site and even other sections of mimitchi.com. Someday the logs shall be alive again. Until then, take care friends,

-Kat, 2/3/2002

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