Tamagotchi Log 12/30/97

12/30/97: Well I didn't write a long yesterday because it would be an entire paragraph long ;) So here's the paragraph:

Yesterday I did what I planned and decided to let the hearts fall on my Black Tamagotchi, in hopes of getting anything but Pochitchi. I did get my wish. I got ANOTHER Mimitchi! Not that Iím complaining ;) Now I have a total of 4 Mimitchi's (with the cd-rom included). With only two Tamatchi's left to change, I gave the last disciplines and decided to let the hearts drop and just basically abandon caring for one of the, the clear green. I wanted Ginji back.

I did indeed give very little love and care for the poor thing today. But alas tonight at 19:18 they both changed into Mametchi! So now I have all adults, 4 Mimitchi's and 2 Mametchi's! The 2 Mametchi's were from the Christmas group hatching. Not exactly what I wanted, but hey... ;)

No less I figured out that my Tama's poop every 3 hours. Clear Black Mimitchi at 7 mins after the hour, yellow/blue Mimitchi at 38 mins after the hour, and both Mametchi's at 20 mins after the hour. My yellow/black Mimitchi is paused so he can spend the evening with me, thus I never know the times, as it changes. Interesting thought was after a character changes it always poops a few mins after. Interesting enough both Mametchi's pooped on schedule... I see a slight way of predicting when they are gonna change ;) Either way, that is my Tamagotchi situation. My work situation is I only work half of tomorrow (though because of who Iím relying for a ride home it'll prolly be much later) and I get Thursday off! I get to spend New Years with my Tama's :)

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