Tamagotchi Log 9/06/00

9/06/00: Incredible. I'm writing a log. Time sure flew. I seriously doubt I have ANY readers left at all. But I'm writing one anyway. Ain't that special? :)

I hate to let readers down, so this is going to be a log about what the heck is going on in my life. However, involves very little in the Tamagotchi direction.

I'll let you know that I found out from a friend that there is a Tamagotchi 2 (no not P2, something totally different.. and square!), I saw it on eBay and it was real. I'll find out what I can and maybe this website will have a update, eh?

Besides log updates.

Right now I'm listening to a Metroid Techno Remix on Napster. I just love the techno versions of Nintendo music :). It's funny! :)

The last few months have been... surprising. And change filled. A lot of stuff is happening in my life that will change a lot of things for me. I've gone to CA another time since I wrote my last log, it was a business trip. I've found a job - one that I like. I'm sure you can guess - web work. I'll be moving to California in January, relocation for a few years. I hope to move back up here when possible, though. Moving down will be quite a hassle. I'm gonna be training people to take over my job at work - I'm the only one that knows what I do there. I feel massive relief to get out of this job, I really hate working there. It's just not what I wanna do. Web coding though - this is something I do daily and for free! So... now I'll get paid for it and start out making double the hourly rate I get now! Amazing. Getting paid to do something I enjoy. *smile*

So I went down and met everyone and I learned some new stuff while there. I'm waiting so long because I wouldn't ditch my current employer in the mess they are in - with no replacement for me. So I was fair and they have 4 months and it'll go from there. More then fair. So I'll finally move away from here and I'll live with Brendan down there.

In preparation I decided to change my primary email to my website mail. Mistake. Addr let me down again, my web host. It's such a mess. I have spent a lot of time making this change (5 years worth of email use!). Now half my email bounces due to their damn server being down. Screw that. Today I signed up with another more competent web host. No one will notice the change on the site and downtime should be almost no time at all. In fact I expect a pretty smooth change. However I can't be sure, the site might be down for a day or so max. This story is long. I can't even talk about it much here, but I can say that the experience is a lesson learned. Never again with them. Ever.

Hmm.. itís late, I'll finish this thing tomorrow.

Well it's the 17th now and I'm finishing it today ;)

Boy it's been a fun 2 weeks. I dunno where to start. Ok above I discussed several things, including my email problems. Well things have been resolved and I have changed back to my original email address I've had for 5 years or so. I called my ISP and they don't normally allow someone to just have an email account with them, however they were very nice and said I could just pay for the email from them when I move! Yeah me. Which makes all the work I did to change a complete waste, not that it wasn't anyway with my host messing up and bouncing all of my email. So I have spent a long time changing everything back. I regret not just calling in the first place, but I didn't think they'd go for it 'cuz that's not a normal service for them. Oh well, got it and most of my mail has been changed back.

As for the website and finding that new host... mistake. Almost everything I've put effort into the last 2 weeks has been a failure venture. So I had been talking with this one new host for the last couple of months. I thought I had found a REAL winner. I mean after talking to them so long, I thought I really had made the right choice. So I took the plunge and signed up with them on Wednesday. Everything was going fine. Until the very next day - their support email was bouncing and their 800 number not working anymore! What the heck?! I just forked over my money to them and changed my records at network solutions and I couldn't talk to them anymore? My account had not been fully activated and I had questions about things and they disappeared off the face of the planet over night?

I got lucky, I remembered who was their HOST and who does the billing.. one and the same company. It took me almost a week but I finally got that account cancelled and I managed to get network solutions to change back my site to my current host. A complete pain for many many reasons, too much to whine about. So my site was up and down on and off for about 1-2 weeks. I just hope they didn't charge me, the numb nuts. Oh and insert words here that you wouldn't hear me normally say. ;)

So things are resolved and I'm back where I used to be a month ago.. how fun life is. It's so hard to find a reliable and wonderful web host. I really miss RoseMart.com and I still think of them and write to them now and again. They were the best. I guess being personal and friendly with customers isn't a winning thing for people because they went out of business, which is too bad. They were great people.

Oh, last night Brendan, his friend and I beat Diablo II! Great great game. Now we move onto the next level of the game, it's allot of fun and I'm glad I got into it.

I've been doing a whole lotta nuthin lately! Been playing Acrophobia, Diablo II, Neopets, iwin.com, p-universe.com, Gamesville, and just plain fooling around. I've had this last week off - no complaint here as I've had so much to fix and deal with online.

I've also found someone in Japan that sells Japanese Tama's for reasonable prices. Heck I might buy wholesale from him and sell them from the site if I got enough interest from folks. Also getting me a Japanese Furby Baby for a really steep price.

Speaking of which. I can't figure out how I'm gonna move all my stuff in January. We were going to go by Uhaul, but we forgot about the snow.. it gets really bad up here and driving for 3 days in it would not be good. I might end up mailing everything.. I'm real nervous about that option. But I don't have any other option right now.

Oh yeah and if I'll just add one small gripe. Some person on my newsletter list sent a message to me and Brendan and this guy didn't know he had a virus :P So he sent us the virus. My anti-virus program caught it, but it infected my entire in box of my email and erased all 200 or so messages in that box! At least I know Norton works.

I'm listening to The London Boys, they were a big hit in Europe about 5 or so years ago. I got a copy of it from a friend. I found them on Napster too, so if you wanna check them out you can there.

oh well I gotta go, I'm gonna try and work on some small updates on the other side of my site today, I dunno what I'll get done or not. It's been hard to work on stuff much lately. I dunno why that is. I have thoughts about adding a new section to Mystic Fortress all together, nothing major. But I won't mention it until I decide to do it ;)

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