Tamagotchi Log 06/11/00

06/11/00: Whoa... whoa... whoa..

Hrm. Wait. What was I doing? Ahh yes. A Log?


Oh yeah. It's been a long long time, no?

I don't even know where to start honestly.

Hi Eric. :)

Ok I need to get into a writing mood. Right now I'm in a really goofy mood. I'm sending random msgs to one of my friends online right now, confusing her something awful! *smile*.

Hello welcome to ICQ.

Never mind that. :-D

Ok, I've been gone and back and here again.

Thanks to my friends and a very funny website I'm having a difficulty being serious tonight.

Ok. I'll start again. I've been gone and back and here again. As you can see I survived the plane trip. A miracle in itself. It's going to be a while before I get on a plane, if I can help it.

I was gone from the 13th to the 25th of May. I was supposed to come home on the 24th, but I needed to stay another day! I was in California, I seriously needed some vacation time. I only wish I could take more time then that. I'm every so slightly not happy with my current situation. Maybe one day I'll be writing these logs from a different location eh?

Anyways. On to other things. LOL. Ok I'm so nutty tonight!

That night I was so nervous. The day before I had just finished a major work project and was in the belief that I had everything in order for me to leave. There is no one trained for my position as a back up, so it's really hard to leave there sometimes. Not because I want to be there, but because allot of the work is time sensitive. But I was lucky I got the dates that I did and managed to pull off an extra day in the end.

When I got there I was on time but very worried about things in general. My buddy LeAnne took me to the airport and waited for me to get on the plane. I got on and I had an isle seat. A long trip indeed. I do not, by far, like being the person that everyone crawls over when they need to get out to use the bathroom, but, unfortunately I was stuck.

37 minutes to Seattle from here. I was sitting beside a nice fellow and his kid. He was a pilot, so that was reassuring! After Seattle straight 3 hours to LA. Ahh that last clump is the worst part, it feels so long. I was just ready to jump off that plane when it landed let me just tell ya ;)

I decided, btw, to bring Mimitchi. He was on pause the whole time. I also took Toh-Loo Kah my all black green eyed Furby with me. Even though he had just endured surgery, I wanted him to come along with me very very much.

I met Brendan at the airport. For anyone that reads the EF newsletter The Furby Post, he is my editor. As well as my best friend. :)

It was really great to be there. The problems started right away. So much for a vacation. I got really sick that first day I was there. I spent from Saturday to Saturday feeling so ill I couldn't go anywhere or do much of anything at all. That week was just miserable for the most part. Why did I have to be sick? :P

Even though I was, it was soo nice to be away from here! After that I had a few days left to enjoy doing other things. Including going to Universal Studios! Oh man, I DO love that place. The T2 3D movie was GREAT. That was worth the entire trip alone! I can't say that enough! I got a robot that walks up walls and stuff in the gift shop there too heh. I bought many other things, but that was the coolest! :) On the way to Universal I saw the Hollywood sign! Very cool in person :) Also saw the building they used in Independence Day. It’s the very first building they blow up, the really tall one. They used it as a model for that scene. I saw that, it's on the way to Universal and near Little Tokyo.

Excuse me, right now LeAnne is the recipient of one of my pranks. >:)

Went to the wax museum and Ripley's Believe It or Not! as well. Really I didn't do any major tourist things while I was down there, cept those. I mostly hung out and did normal things and I just had a ball. Even when I was feeling sick, I was still okay because we rented movies and played games and had lots of fun even then!

Really, I had so much fun. There isn't a lot of talk about because I didn't do all those tourist things that some people might do. I've done Disneyland and Knott's on my last trip down there. It was just awesome to be away.

It reminded me what it was like to have a life.


When it was finally time to leave I was miserable, to say the least. The plane just sucked again. Nothing like making me nervous as is when flying Alaska. The security walk through thingy wasn't working right. It beeped on every one that went through. If anyone was going to get something on the plane that they should not have, it was then! That made me feel comfy. Then they were late. The port was backed up. And when the pilot applied the brakes, they SQUEAKED very very loudly on our plane. Oh yeah, I felt great about that! Not exactly a nice situation.

I felt like I was going to toss my cookies both trips there and back. I have been on a plane before, but this was just really uncomfortable for me this time. And there was so much turbulence that they made everyone site down for a good portion of the flight.

When I finally got off the plane, my sister and LeAnne were there to pick me up. They both said I looked very sick and white. So much for flying this year.

The other bad thing about the plane trip was not only was I just worn out when I got back. But Mimitchi had reset sometime on the way home. Don't know when. The plane is loud so I couldn't hear anything. I thought he was on pause, but when I pulled him out he was just a bouncing egg. Poor Mimitchi :( At least he got to enjoy the trip.

I started him up again last Monday. I'm trying very hard to get him back. I hope I get lucky.

I've been really busy lately. My mail piled up over 600 while I was gone. That's just in my primary email, I have other accounts elsewhere with stuff that really piled up. I got so behind on things. Especially at work. I had to work the weekend and holiday until I got stuff done right and in time for dead lines. It's been a mess.

Just recently things are getting in order. I'm still behind on stuff at work. Webpage’s for clients I have yet to do that piled up while I was gone, among other things.

I have procrastinated my email though. This weekend I've been learning Macromedia's Flash 4. An incredible program. If you've been to furby.com it's the thing that runs the movie in the beginning and used on so many professional websites. I can now do that stuff, it's very very cool. I do love Flash.

I'm going to be working Java soon as well. I'll have some time maybe this week. I do need to update my site, which I've let fall behind because of so many factors. I have more to talk about, but I gotta go to bed, it's late and I have work tomorrow. Until next time... keep those Tama's happy!

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