Tamagotchi Log 4/25/00

4/25/00: Hello, just got outta the shower. Decided I needed to do a log. Thanks for reminding me Eric! :) I haven't written one since... geesh, the 15th of last month. Sure doesn't seem that long for me.

Life has been, as per usual, rather busy for me - as Sarah knows.

Hi Sarah! :)

Sarah is, perhaps, my most loyal reader. Along with Eric. I believe (?) there might be more, however, I hear from you two the most.

My friend Sarah is working on her own website these days. Do me a favor and click on over to her website and check it out. Then leave her an entry in her guestbook, if you'd be so kind. :)

While I'm talking to other people whom the rest of y'all don't know, might as well say Hi to my friend Jesse, whom has told me that he is back to reading my logs for the first time since 1998. They prolly got boring after that year anyways, so he didn't miss anything! LOL :) Don't worry my friend, I haven't been to your website since summer last year I think. So I think we're even. Which means I owe your site a visit, I shall this week! He also submitted a Tama story to me, so that will be posted tonight!

Heheh, I'm in a nutty mood tonight, please excuse my strangeness.. oh never mind, I'm always strange! But surely if I were normal I'd be boring. Right Sarah? *smile*

Anyways. I haven't been playing with my Tama's. I took my Mesu and Osu and TamaOtchi out of their respective Japanese packages about 3 weeks ago and put them on my desk. I put them there to remind me to 1) start them up on my next weekend and 2) write a log about them. As you can tell, they only served to collect dust. So last week I put them back up on the wall with my others, figured I didn't want to ruin them with dust while I cleaned.

Brb, need to get some popcorn.

Ahhhh much butter... err better! :)

Sorry for being so silent. I'm munching on popcorn.

Anyway. I've been doing lots of stuff lately. Most recently, about 2 to 3 weeks ago I decided I was in need of a vacation. Taking real time away from this place and my job. So I called my travel agent and asked about some dates I had in mind and at the time I got a really high quote. I called back a week later and got an awesome deal though, so I'll be taking off the middle of May, during which time I can guaranty there won't be a log written here. Or at least not posted for sure. I'll be back before the end of the month though and I'll try to get a log written then. I make no promises. I'm taking off as much time as I possible can without jeopardizing my job. However, I might end up working weekends to make up for it. I'm trying to get everything I need to done before I leave, so I might get lucky. Don't know for sure on anything. I just know that sometimes a person needs to just take off and be away for a while, even if it means I'll be loaded with work when I get back - I'll handle that when the time comes. My friend Kevin has been telling me for about a year now that I need to get some time off. I'm glad I finally took the plunge.

Quite frankly I'm a little worried. Anyone seen the news lately? Geesh, all these plane crashes and the messes with airlines. I won't slaughter any airlines here but.. I'm gonna be taking the airlines that have been in the news so much lately. Yeah I feel real comfortable about that *heavy dripping sarcasm*. So if you hear about a plane crash on May 13th, in the morning hours, and I don't update my entire site for a few months, it's likely I'm dead. Speaking of which, I gotta write my will tonight. Just kidding! :) All these plane problems are creepy though.

But oh well, I'm going, darn it! :P

I'm gonna be going to Universal, the museum of wax, and the Guinness book of records museum. Might go to Disney, that's not my favorite place though. Most of all, I'm gonna relax. :)

I'm making what I call my travel tapes right now. A cassette collection of some of my favorite music from my CD's. I might bring some Tamagotchi, not sure yet. Prolly bring Mimitchi. He went with me the last 2 times I've been on a plane, so I sure could use his company once again. Might catch up on old times. Might look funny talking to my hand for the whole trip, though *smile*. I'll be bringing a Furby or two too. Maybe. I fear I'm not going to have a lot of room for much of anything, really. The good part is, Mimitchi is small.

Been working on my site, but not much on this side. Most recently I added my small page on AllAdvantage on my main page. Please check it out if you enjoy my website.

I've been doing other stuff while doing this log, heh. Like neopets! I am addicted to that place!

Sorry this log isn't as exciting or great as any other. Really need to do some small updates and, email (I've been keeping up!) and, well... Neopets heh.

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