Tamagotchi Log 3/16/00

3/16/00: The other day I saw a young girl playing with a Tamagotchi while having lunch at Arbys and that served to help me remember I needed to do a log. It took me 2 weeks to get myself the time to do it though.

Ya ask me, 'where have you been?' and 'when are you going to update?'. I often ask myself these questions. Life has been nothing less then busy, being that my web page is my hobby I can't make it first in my life (unless I figure out a way to make a living with this.. and I may some day). When am I going to update.. when I have time. When am I going to update the Tama section (more then just a log)? It's hard to add to stuff when there's nothing to add. I can't seem to get my hands on any new Tama's and as of late I haven't had a lot of time to run them. Lately I've only been playing with Mimitchi at home in the evenings.

You may note some changes though. I finally made it official and moved the site over to mimitchi.com! That, in it self, cost me money, lots of time and work. But it's finally happened and I'm quite happy with having the domain mimitchi.com now. It only seemed natural that I use Mimitchi as the domain name in the end :)

Of course, with that, now I'm spending plenty of time trying to get the search engines to update. I really don't want to loose my ranking with many of them. If you look up Furby in most major engines, my site pops up in the top 20 somewhere (out of whatever billion there is matched). Strangely enough the one 'Tama' I didn't do a section on, DigiMon, seems to be bringing my hits count up stronger in this portion of the site! I only have a brief section on DigiMon. It links to another website that is, hands down, the best DigiMon site online and that's Gordon Kane's site. I couldn't create a DigiMon section.. I would see no point, the best is out there so I figure I'll just direct my hits to his page, he deserves it his site is awesome. So you won't see DigiMon here - much.

I added a SlamBook to both sections, itís a fun idea and decided why not. It replaced that old worn out survey I had on the site before. I deleted the Horoscopes - I'm almost sure no one misses them as I deleted them some time ago and no one said anything to me (though I do get a few error 404's in my server log now and again for the horoscopes pages).

I meant to write this log last night, but I ended up over at a friends house reformatting a hard drive and installing windows 98 on their machine. Didn't get home till much later then I was willing to write a Tama Log.

I have only Mimitchi going, but I also have another going. I have forever and ever been wanting to download the Tamagotchi Simulator (itís linked in the rated links section), but when I wanted it I was on my old computer which could not handle it. So the other day I finished rating all the Tama links (took me long enough, eh?) and noticed that link so I went there and downloaded it and boy am I impressed! I do love this program, itís a better simulation then the CD-ROM is because you take care of it just like a real Tama. The 'life' time periods seem shorter, but otherwise it operates and acts pretty identical to my real Tamagotchi. While I'm sure everyone and their dogs have checked out this program, it has been my first experiences with it, due to forgetting about it and my old computer not handling it. Glad I got it though, itís a very cool program, I'm truly impressed with it!

Two nights ago I was also planning on writing a log. But things got busy and I also had an interesting experience. I checked out my Guestbook to find that Lycos had bought out the company that originally did my guestbook. I needed to change my site links to mimitchi.com. So I went into their system and logged in there. But found that I could not get into my Guestbook, it kept saying invalid password. So I went through steps to get my password to find out they cut off the last 5 digits. I won't say what, but it made my password VERY easy and guess-able! So I went in and I updated my links and I took my time, I was looking around at the new format they did to the guestbook pages. Then I went over to the personal information section to change my password and stuff. Well when I was done I got outta there (I'm getting to the point here) and did something else on my guestbook when I realized I forgot to do something in my personal information section. Well even when I'm logged in, it requires a password and user name to get into this section, so I typed it again and got in. When I got in, I didn't find my name, birthdate, url, etc, etc. on the information page. I found that someone right then was in my account and trying to take it over! Come on folks - it's a guestbook and it's FREE! Well I made note of the person's information and their email address and changed everything completely. I checked back later and found things were okay, they could not get my new password. So that person didn't succeed, but I got lucky. It shocked me at how low people will go. I mean, geesh, its just a guestbook, anyone can get one and they are free to everyone. So why try to steal mine? I was happy I did not leave an address or phone number in Guestbook's records. So things are fine now. If you are reading this... little miss guestbook with a hotmail account, I *do* have your email address. However, I am undecided if I'm gonna bother this person or not. I won't give out their email address here, though. I thought about it, though. ;)

Next week the business I work for has a review. Let's just say itís a stressful time for us all. Last time things went really well, so I hope this time things go well as well. We've spent this week getting ready.. it's been fun (heavy dripping sarcasm). Life is fun.

Life is busy. I can't think of anything I want to add because I'm really tired, so I'm just gonna upload this thing (after spell check of course heh). Yeah I was mostly off topic tonight. But then again, when am I always on topic?

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