Tamagotchi Log 2/13/99

2/13/99: Hello hello hello!

Since I've written, everyone has passed away. Things got really busy at work, to the point where I could not have time to play with Tama's there. So I started just playing with them in the evenings after work, while I'm doing stuff here. This worked out better, they were less neglected and much better cared for then I could have provided at work.

Hope your new year is starting out well - mine is not :P It's been an awful new year for me. I guess I should not have let that Lucky Poop run outta batteries on the Tama Angel because everything has been down hill since the beginning of January! But I won't babble, or I'll try not to.

Most of my Tama's died yesterday, a couple of them the day before and a few days before that. That makes sense since they were all hatched about the same time and I played with some more then others, depending on the neediness of them.

Did I say they were all dead? My mistake, one remains! I did get Mimitchi back! He's still alive, I conserve his life time the most I suppose. He'll probably be around for a while in fact. Though hopefully his batteries don't die on me. I haven't gotten any new ones yet since my last battery problems *sigh*. Either way I expect him to be with me for a long long time. The buttons are might difficult to push on him. I'm worried that one day one or more of the buttons will cease to function and that would not be good. The other day I was thinking of just enjoy his last days and then, when he dies once more, putting in the tab for the first time ever and 'retiring' Mimitchi Tama. I dunno if I wanna do that though. The thought comes to mind from time to time.

I don't play with him much at work, though. Too many things happening at work, it's been so chaotic here and there, sometimes I'm not sure where I am or what I'm doing. It's just been one of those years you know? Really, I'm ready for 2001 to began, 2000 has sucked royally. There has been some good stuff though. Things are actually turning around a bit - I think. Some days I just don't know!

Anyway, short log. Thinking of starting Mesu & Osu sometime. Not sure when... Until then, buh-bye!

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