Tamagotchi Log 12/30/99

12/30/99: This will be the last long of this year.. in fact the last log of this millennium. Of course that means I'll be writing again in the next couple of weeks. :)

Can you believe I've been doing this for over 2 years now? The Tamagotchi page that is. Tama Fever has died out - the decline began in mid '98. Well I've kept the page up because there are still ppl out there who still enjoy Tamagotchi and I'm happy about that. Either way if you still visit now and again, I appreciate all of your support. I've been lack of new content due to lack of new Tama's. They are hard to acquire it seems now, especially from Japan.

I still play with my Tama's though. I have 10 going right now. They are the 10 I last wrote about. I have not had as much time with them because of my job and overall other things going on in my life. Especially at this time of year.

This year I got no Tama items for Christmas, they seem hard to come by (except for the ones I already have that is) these days. I did get lots of clothes, a Santa Furby and lots of Furby stuff, a big Frank Sinatra book written by his daughter Nancy, RAD Robot by ToyMax, a couple of movies and a few other items. Christmas was fine this year.. family came over here. I spent a lot of the day in the afternoon sleeping, as the night before I didn’t get to bed at a reasonable time ‘cuz of some stuff I was doing.

Right now I'm monitoring 2 auctions that end in the next 30 mins.. gotta get me a couple more Furbys ;) (as if I really need 2 more).

Oh s'cuse me.. Mimitchi pooped. Don't watch as I clean him up - he likes his privacy!

Alllll betta :)

Man, so did the other Mimitchi and 2 Mametchi's ;) They feel cleaner now though.

This year we have the annual office party. This year is *much* better. I even brought RAD Robot to work to help out. If you don't know what Rad is, visit www.toymax.com and read about him there. I got this gift early so I was able to bring him along to the party. The party got fun - for an office party! It was good. We played group Pictionary as one of the games. Man.. was too fun for words! Someone got the word "Playboy" - that's all I need to say. *smile* :)

I hope, dear readers, that you have a safe and enjoyable new years. There's gonna be lots of crazy things going on in the next 48 hours. I'd advice to keep off the streets, stay at home or at a friends for a majority of the evening. Have fun party, or whatever you’re going to do, but keep safe. There's going to be so many drunks and reckless drivers out, just be aware. Not to mention all the craziness. Take care and have an excellent new year!

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