Tamagotchi Log 12/6/99

12/6/99: Hello, hello... this is Romeo.. oh wait. No it's just Katherine. :)

Tonight marked another fun battery night. I simply can't believe my horrid bad luck. Okay, you recall I just changed the batteries of my Ocean, right? Well the batteries where new, I know they were! Well today at work when I looked at my Ocean Tama.. what is on the screen? A battery with slash through it?! How does that work.. hello? I just changed those batteries a month ago or something. I know that Tama has been on pause now and again, but come on, it uses less power when it's paused anyways. Well worse off when I got home I searched for a good half hour and I could not find anymore batteries... I thought I had a rather large supply, but I guess I just have used them. I was just at Radio Shack the other day too.. *pout*. So with good fortune I just put the tab back in my Ocean. I'm destined not to get and keep any characters on that one as of late. I worked hard to get the cute little froggy guy.. it's really disappointing that he's gone now and for a really dumb reason! The thing is, I really don't like how the battery screen comes on.. I can tell if my Tama's need new batteries, I don't need that screen to come up and waste my time. Oh well.. enough griping.

So I'm one less another Tama from this batch. This leaves me with 10 alive. Oh yes, I did restart Mimitchi Tama last week. I think I may have messed up a couple of times. He's in Tongaritchi stage right now though. I got in all the disciplines the first stage. I've got two more before he changes. I fear I will get Pochitchi this time around. Sigh. :P

I'm keeping him up late tonight, it'll help him change faster, because he just can't be un-paused all of the time, I get really busy at work.

Everyone else is doing fine. Have all of them alive and still in adult hood. They are all doing just fine too.. no one is really needy yet because of my lack of time with them, sadly. Work has just become more demanding on my time.

On a side note, I got told there is a gonna be a Virtual Pet like Tama's.. of Furby! Which section would I put it in if I got it LOL?! No I don't think I'd get it because itís from Tiger - GigaPets maker.. I can't stand Gigapets, they are annoying.

Totally off topic here but, on the 30th of November (where did November go? I seemed to have been in a coma for a month?) I went to a Melissa Etheridge concert. Did I ever mention I just love her music? I have missed her 2 other times she was here because I couldn't afford to go.. but this time.. no way. I got the ticket for my birthday and my friend LeAnne got one too. If youíre a Melissa Etheridge fan and you've seen her in concert then you know what I mean when I say that it was powerful! It was the most incredible, spectacular concert I've ever been to in my life. If she ever comes here and I'm broke, I'll put an auction just to pay for the tickets hehe. Just awesome. Brilliant. No words can explain. I'm listening to her new CD right now. :)

Tired, gotta go. Will be back soon enough. I will do my bestest to remind myself to write one of these babies before we reach 2000... just in case addr.com isn't Y2K compliant and my whole site crashes or something retarded like that. Who knows. People are gonna be crazy you know? It's a crazy world. I have news for you though.. the world is *not* going to end. The calendar year is created by man, the universe isn't affected by our calendar. It is affected by 'time' but it doesn't go by our man-made calendar. Simple logic.

Oh yes, for anyone that is curious. My computer *is* Y2K compliant. It is, after all, brand new. I do wonder if my old computer is though.. it's about 10 years old now. I didn't test it before I got my new one. But I still have it, so one day when I wipe away the dust, hook it up and turn it on.. I suppose I'll find out if it can make it into 2000 or not! If not, life goes. Though, if I just wanna babble much more.. I miss my old computer. I know I know.. this new one is much much much faster, more powerful, it's a beautiful machine. But a few things bother me, and... I just liked my old computer. I'm not into change much (except with my website hehe) and I miss the computer I loved for 8 years.. even if it only connected at 19600pbs (on a 28.8 modem) and it was incredibly slow. But it sure was reliable and it very very rarely crashed on me. *sigh* Okay I'll stop.

Oh, one more thought. One more thing. Have you checked out NeoPets - the coolest VP site online? You should :)

Good day fellow readers, what few of us are left! *laugh* :)

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