Tamagotchi Log 11/15/99

11/15/99: Oh goodness! People actually read these logs eh? :) I had some email asking me what's going on and why I ain't gotten my lazy butt around to writing another log. Well they didn't say it in so many words...

Well I haven't updated because I've been busy with work, but I'll finally update you all on my Tama's.

Lets start with Morino Tamagotch. I got his weight up really high, but not in time it seems because he didn't go into the cocoon until later in life. He was over 50units at that time, so I dunno why, but I guess I didn't get the weight up fast enough. Either way he went into cocoon and I decided to do it differently this time. I would let it stay on the hot side, but once I let it go to the middle, then I put it back on the hot side. Well I guess how I took care didn't matter because again I got Minotchi. Not that I don't like this fellow, ‘cuz I do think he's cute. But I've only gotten 3 characters on Morino, so I'm ready for seeing the others ;) Right now Mori is 6 years and 39 units of weight. The years aren’t quite correct. I've had them for quite some time, but I have to pause because of my job and other things.

Next is white US Angel Tamagotchi. I didn't pay any particular attention to care one way or another, as long as it was happy and healthy I was fine with this. But I did get Kuriten eventually, the chestnut angel. And she did change into the twins, Futagotenshi. They are 6 year, 10 AP, and the deeds meter is 50% right now. They are full and happy on all hearts.

My yellow US Angel Tamagotchi isn't in the best of shape though. As you know, dear reader, Angel's die fast after changing into adult form - with some rare exceptions. Well this Angel changed into Kuriten and passed away rather quickly for who knows why reason. She was only 7 or 8 years on November 2nd. Either way I ain't restarted her since.

Ahh the next Tama is actually DigiMon, the blue/grey Digi. As you know he had changed into Darkmon, so I was just taking care of him from then out. Some of my Tama's changed faster then others because - in this case - he doesn't really pause, and I'd prefer not to with a Digi - they are easy to care for. Well I had another case of battery probs during this caretaking time, only this time with Digi. This being the first time my DigiMon has ran out of batteries. I got up on Tuesday morning and I was gathering up my Tama's to leave. As usual I was late. So I was in a rush. As I picked up Digi I noticed right away the screen was blank. I looked and couldn't believe it! He was fine the night before. I was really late, there was no way I had time to change batteries yet alone find anymore of them. So I just grabbed him and took off. After much examination I found I could not see anything on the screen, no matter what angel I looked at it. Usually on Tama's if you tilt the screen, even on low batteries you can see *something*. So I was believing that the batteries are really dead. I pushed a button and found it beeped like normal when I pushed it. They all beeped. But being late and it was so early in the morning, I did *not* make a connection here. I stuffed him in my jacket pocket and when I got to work I pulled them all out, except for Digi, whom I left in my pocket. While I was working that day I mentioned the DigiMon to my friend LeAnne, but otherwise didn't do anything with him - until about 3 in the afternoon. While I was working I heard a beeping. An all too familiar beeping. I checked all my Tama's, none needed anything, and it wasn't them. Then it slapped me. I pulled out DigiMon and sure enough it was him. I couldn't see anything. Well I remembered how it worked, so I fed him and played the game with him and took care of him like that for the rest of the day. When I got home it was late so I put him to bed and put him on pause - so I thought. Well I may have messed up the clock or something or just may not have paused him at all because that night I went to bed thinking he was paused. I was gonna dig out the batteries in the morning and change them before I left. But I never got the opportunity. I guess I should have stayed up a little later to do it before I went to bed because at 6am he died. I woke up to the beeping, I thought it was a fire alarm at first, but after a few sections of half sleeping wakeness I realized it was Digi and let out a big sigh. So it was my fault he died. But none the less he's gone.

The rest of my Tama's changed all within 3 hours of each other, with the exception of my clear purple that I accidentally left at home that one day because he was under some papers on my desk - how he got there I dunno. But I talked of it before.

One by one they changed. One of the first ones to change was my clear green Tamagotchi. I was not trying for anyone in particular, but I got Mametchi! Right now he reads 9 years, 50 oz and 100% discipline. He is entirely full and happy.

Next is my purple Tama. He did change the next morning after everyone else had changed. Since he was forgotten about at home that one day. He was also left in my pocket for about 3 hours un-paused without care because I thought he was paused, but he got the buttons pushed somehow, so I didn't realize it until 3 hours later when I heard him beep. No less I'm very glad that happened. He changed into my sweet Ginjirotchi! Little Ginji came to me early that morning, and what a nice surprise after everything else I got. :) He is currently 9 years, 38 oz, full and happy with 75% discipline!

On my clear blue Tama (is normally known as my Ginji Tama!) I didn't get Ginji. I got Mametchi instead. How did I get all these good characters? :P Let me just say I've been a rotten caretaker for the past 9 months or so... This Mametchi is 45 oz, 9 years, completely disciplined and fully happy in all hearts.

On my blue/pink/yellow Tama I got... *drum roll* another Mametchi! :P THIS Mametchi is 9 years, 30 oz and fully disciplined and all hearts are filled.

The next character I got was on my generation 2 Tama, so you KNOW I didn't get Mametchi on this one :) No instead I got Pochitchi :P Not Mimitchi like I hoped. Pochitchi is currently 9 years, 52 lbs, and 75% disciplined, all full hearts right now.

I got on my other Generation two Tama.... Mimitchi! Definitely nice to see him again :) He's 9 years, 43lbs and all full on everything!

On my green/white Tama I have another.. Mametchi! He is 9 years and 30 oz with everything full!

On my Ocean I finally managed to get an adult. I took this Tama and only this Tama to work with me and paid very close attention to him. Eventually he changed into the good teen and became *very* easy to care for there after. Then less then 24 hours later he changed into an adult, the cute little frog, KeroPyontchi! :) He is now 6 years, 20lbs, quality of water is clean and discipline is 75%.

There is also one more Tama I have who needs to be mentioned here. Mimitchi, my Mimitchi Tamagotchi, you know the yellow/black one that I have somehow paused into eternity of almost a year! :P November 2nd he came to work with me and was sitting on my desk. I worked and that morning around 8:15 he began beeping. I knew he was to pass on sooner or later, guess it kinda surprised me when he chose that day. No less he passed on before my eyes and has left nothing behind except the picture of him flying away in his space ship. It says he was 31 years old, but I know better.. he was less then a year old according to humans. He was a month and 14 days from being an entire year old earth time! Poor Mimitchi...

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