Tamagotchi Log 10/26/99

10/26/99: Well as you know, if you read my last log, I hatched 13 Tama's for a running total of 14 going at once (my personal record to date). I can tell ya it's been fun and interesting week already and I have so much to tell already!

Let me tell about each Tama one at a time. There's too many to talk about all at once.

Let me just start off by saying that I do and have been pausing when I can't take care. Sometimes I can take care all day at work and some days I can't at all, it entirely depends on the situation. No less they age slower then they should with me lately.

First Ocean. Must start with ocean. On my Birthday (the 20th) it died on me.. for no reason. I think it was because I was out of the room and got attacked. No less it died very young. Well that day I restarted him. I took care as to make sure not to leave him alone and took pretty good care. Well he was Kuragetchi again. . Last night he went to bed and he was fine, everything was fine and normal. Well I wake up today and I'm gathering all of my Tama's to go to work and I'm already running late. I look down and notice that Ocean's screen looks totally blank! I tilt it a bit and see that he's still there, just it's so light I could barely see it. Somehow over night the batteries decided to fail me. So here I am, already late, I'm searching through my stuff for 2 batteries and a screw driver to fit it so I can do the 'surgery' at work. It took me 10 mins :P. I get to work and the screen is still there, it's not totally dead. But really really faint. I ain't had to change batteries on a Tama for like a year now so I was about to try it again without it resetting on me. I feared the worst though because it was just so faint. I went fast and I felt I did it fast enough but once I got that back cover on I heard the beep, signaling it had reset. So I just restarted him again and now again I have Kuragetchi. I'm hoping 'third times a charm.' Maybe I'll get lucky this time? I'm being careful and it won't be the batteries this time!

As for Morino, he's 4 years, in bed and weighs 31 units. He has been pretty easy to care for, but I've been pausing him lots to make sure I can take care of him and hear the predator (the beep is quiet). The thing with Morino is this morning when I got to work and took a look at him, it had on the display 'BATT'! Meaning the batteries were low! I was really sad! After all this time in caring for him and that screen popped up. I had no clue if he'd just continue living or get reset after I replaced the batteries. So he sat on my desk all day, because I had no batteries there. When I got home though, I did change the batteries and to my surprise and total delight, I replaced the batteries fast enough and after pushing the buttons a few times, it went back to where it left off, thus not killing my character :) So that made me happy :)

On the 20th I was had them in my coat pocket and was loading stuff in the van and I heard a beep.. well I wasn't sure I heard it though. So I finished and took them out and found that clear white DigiMon reset :P I didn't bother to restart him and I don't think I will because...

My blue/Grey DigiMon changed into Darkmon. Unless I pause him forever he won't be fighting anyone. So I won't be starting up my clear white yet. One of my friends (Hi Sarah!) told me that DigiMon changes into Darkmon if he doesn't fight in his 'teen' years. So that explains why I get him so much. I usually wait until adult hood before I fight them.

Black/White cow spotted Tama is 5 years old, weighs 50lbs (sometimes I must feed snacks when I'm at work!), 75% disciplined, all full on hunger, 2 empty on happy. He's in the form of Tongaritchi, the healthier teen.

Green/White is the same as cow spotted, cept he's Tamatchi.

Clear green is the same too, cept he's 55oz, 100% disciplined, and 3 hearts empty on happy (didn't catch them before they slept tonight). He's also Tamatchi.

My blue/pink Tama is 55oz, 5 years, 75% disciplined, 1 heart empty on happy and hunger. He's a Tamatchi too.

Clear blue is 44oz, 5 years, 75% disciplined is full on hunger, but 3 hearts empty on happiness. He too is a Tamatchi. I had no idea I started so many P1's until I after I hatched them btw :)

Red/Black Tama is the same, cept 51 oz. He is Tongaritchi, one of two Gen2's I started.

My clear purple Tama is 54lbs, 75% disciplined, full, 1 empty on happy and is Tamatchi. He is in fact a day behind my others. Somehow he got under some papers on my desk at home so when I left for work yesterday, he stayed here, thankfully on pause. I didn't think to count, I'm glad I didn't find out until I got home I would have freaked at working thinking I lost it and would have searched the office up and down all day :P

My white Angel is 6 years, has 1 AP, has 50% deeds, and is all full on everything. Angel is currently Futagotenshi, the twin angels. They evolved from the chestnut angel Kuriten yesterday.

Last and certainly least.. err not least is my other green/yellow angel.:) She is Kuriten, 6 years, 0AP, 50% deeds and full on everything right now.

Oh yeah.. and Mimitchi's still alive. Long live Mimitchi :)

So there you go. That's the update on my little fellows tonight. I'm sure I'll try and get back soon again for another update! I must go to bed though, so that's all I can talk about tonight.

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