Tamagotchi Log 10/17/99

10/17/99: It's getting colder.. Winter is coming. I'm no where to be found, but if you see me can you tell me where I am? I haven't seen me for months :)

Part of the reason I ain't updated this section of the site is simply lack of interest - by visitors! This section of my site just isn't that popular anymore and it's hard to put extra effort into something that no one reads/sees all too often. But no worry, I won't be like one of the millions out there and abandon my site because of that - there is still a few of you out there that are still interested! Which is nice to know, that is what server logs and counters are for after all.

First of all...My Morino did finally change and it changed into a character I've gotten before, Mushibatchi! I was sadly disappointed and since I haven't bothered to start him up again. So I stuck the tab back in him after he died at age 10. They all seem to die at the same age.. it's very weird like that! :P

Okay so someone kill me. I was looking at my wall of Tama's.. and I just couldn't make up my mind, so I grabbed a bunch.. now for the shocker. I've been a terrible caretaker for months and right now I have exactly 14 Tama's on my desk (about to be started). That doesn't include number 15, Lucky Unchi-Kun - I need all the luck I can get so I'm keeping that one for a long while.

So what do me have here.. here’s the list: green Tama US Angel, clear clear DigiMon, Black cow spots gen2, green/white gen1, red/black gen2, clear blue gen1, blue/grey DigiMon, clear green gen1, Morino, white us Angel, Clear Purple gen1, white w/waves us Ocean, blue/pink gen1, and Mimitchi (who is still alive). They are all hatching right now ;)

Oh my goodness.. I'm just sitting here taking care of them, two at a time.. I have forgotten how busy it can be! I bet they all come out to be the worse characters LOL!

I dunno, I just felt crazy today.. soo this is the result! I have never run 14 at the same time. I've never started 13 all at the same time either hehe. My record was 12 last year if I recall, or the year before.

BTW I contacted help from Bandai regarding my CD ROM Tama.. and guess what? My email got returned, user doesn't exist - isn't that nice? :PP

Wait. Everyone pooped.

Ooh more poop. Forgot how hard Ocean is to take care of. Only have one in here, it's a good thing.

Oh anyways. How this started? I have been carrying around a DigiMon with me the past 2 weeks, me and LeAnne both.. we have meant to start them together and the problem was with work we never found time. So finally today I said hey I wanna do this, but then when I was looking for another to start, I just couldn't decide so now I have 14 on my desk (excluding Unchi-Kun). It's gonna be a busy 2 weeks, eh?

I am still awaiting some emails from Goods Market before I am for sure of getting a hold of some new Tama's. I'll write more later, I have my hands full right now!

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