Tamagotchi Log 12/28/97

12/28/97: Well, with only 6 Tamaís going not tons happen always, so I wonít always write everyday. But I'll always talk about the day before. Really I have a lot to say about yesterday, but I had company over and I forgot all about writing.

So I'm gonna snuggle up with my Cybie Mimitchi, eat dinner, care for my two little Mimitchi's and talk about yesterday a little:

Yesterday began quite lazy. I slept in, had my Tama's on pause, cept the undemanding ones. I climb out around 11am or so. My sister, Heidi, had already turned my computer to care for my Tongaritchi. Well, when I got out here I found my cute Tongaritchi had turned into the sweet long eared Mimitchi! I had seen him before, but never had him! I tried hard to get him this time though and the effort paid off! I played games with him and fed him and he is just sooo cute! :) What a reward he is! I don't think of the Cd-Rom as a 'real' Tamagotchi, as in there is much I can't do with a cd-rom as I can with a 'real Tamagotchi'. But I gotta say I'm a little attached to him ;) ;) Anyway, now I have 3 Mimitchi's! ;) I'm not unhappy hehe. Well mid-afternoon LeAnne came over to stay for the evening and play games. Before she came over we explored some other chat rooms on IRC and of course my sister and I ended up playing ThinkFast. Been tooooo long! I love that game. Too bad I don't have Mimitchi's intelligence for that one! Oh well. Right before LeAnne came over both my gen1's, Marutchi, turned into Tamatchi! :)

So LeAnne comes over (she has a Mimitchi too! ;)) and go to the store and get munchies for the night. I carried all 5 Tamagotchi threw the store, I didn't want to put any one pause ;). Thankfully they have got used to me, so no one thinks twice when I carry that many around with me! ;) We came back to my house and we play a really odd game called "Azooma" or something like that. It's pretty fun, I won hehe ;)

One of the worst parts of the evening was about 23:00 I came out to look at my email on my computer when we had a break. I had left my Tamagotchi cd-rom on the screen, so I could listen Mimitchi snore (SOOOO cute!). Well when I got out here, the light was on, he was snoring and in his bed, but in front was 4 poops! I freaked out. I had only had it happen 2 times where a Tama woke up in the middle of the night, pooped and went back to bed. Both occasions were simply because I had left the tama in the care center all day and I didn't get home until after they had gone to bed, leaving them in the care center all day (which does not clean up the poop). Mimitchi went to bed (at 9pm mind you) perfectly happy, healthy, clean, and full. I hadn't left him in the care center for longer then 2 hours that day. And it wasn't when he went to bed. I turned off the lights right away. Everything was perfect. I still don't know what happened. I still don't understand why he did that. But I was so upset and unhappy. LeAnne had one do that, and her Mimitchi died. I was so afraid of losing him. LeAnne had messed with her clock and he had died. I wanted to clean him up, but was afraid of it happening again. So I left him. But before I went to bed, I decided I was too scared of losing him. I set the clock to 6:44am. I hit "Alarm" and He awoke. I cleaned him up right away. His hearts were entirely empty. I played and fed him until he was full and happy once again. Instead of messing with the clock, I chose to put him in the care center and went to bed, very worried about the poor thing. I left my computer on all night long.

I kept my Mimitchi up late that night, so he didn't go to bed until I did, around 2am hehe. We ended up starting a game and finishing it today. Going to sleep was a challenge. Mimitchi was quite lucky, I can just put him to bed and he's okay and sleeps quite well through the night. While SOME of us were a little bit hyper, even though we were tired. Lets just say Heidi and LeAnne thought it was fun to talk about 'cheeks' for an hour and a half, well more like LAUGH about it, keeping me up ;) Long long long story that I am not so sure they want me to talk about for the world to read about heheh ;).

I awoke today with a jerk as LeAnne's Tamagotchi beeped. Ain't nothing louder than a Tama beep at 9:30 in the morning in a silent room of three sleeping ppl. Well I chose right then to get up and change the clock back on my computer Tama, and made it 9:30am, to find Mimitchi hadn't dropped any hearts at all since being put in the care center at 1:44am. I put him back in the care center and slept until 11:30, where I couldn't sleep anymore. We all got up, ain't lots of junk food for breakfast (ooh so healthy!) and decided to finish our card game, Uno Hearts, from the night before. I lost big time, but Heidi kicked our butts ;) Than we decided to play the Tamagotchi board game with our Tama's. I've always won that game since I got it, and I wont it this time too! But it was still fun. :) During which my little Tamatchi's needed Disciplined to become 75%. I've decided to discipline them all the way. I'll take perfect care of one, to become Mametchi, and the other Iíll take a little less perfect care of to get Ginjirotchi again, I hope, if not, I'll get Masukutchi, and that wouldn't be that bad.

We played other games for the rest of the day until LeAnne had to leave this evening, which I won't go into every detail, but Mimitchi and my Tama's were with me through it all, we all had fun :). This evening around 19:00 my clear black, Tongaritchi, wanted discipline. He was at 75% and I was debating. I've taken almost perfect care and he could be Mimitchi. But I really didn't want Pochitchi. That's the character I rather dislike. I am not quite sure what to do with him. I really would rather have Zukitchi, because I want to go for the secret character, he is awesome. But I am not so sure about how many times I have let the hearts drop. I guess if I continually let it drop tomorrow I might get lucky and get Zukitchi. But I fear doing that will only bring me Pochitchi. So I am almost inclined to care perfectly the rest of the way and just go for a 3rd Mimitchi Tama. On the other hand, since I can't recall if I only let the hearts drop more than once, or just once. I fear me taking perfect care will only ensure I get Pochitchi! Man I should keep track. Last time I wasn't sure I had let it fall 2 times and got Ginjirotchi instead of Mametchi, when I couldn't decide. So I think I'll just let all hearts fall tomorrow in hopes that I get anyone BUT Pochitchi! hehe :) Should not have given him that last discipline! ;) oh well...

Anyway, another day almost over. A day I thought was Saturday, when it's really Sunday. So to bed I shall go soon. Gotta finish some more Tama poop (Hershey Kisses) hehe inside joke. ;) Off for another night of hopefully better sleep!

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