Tamagotchi Log 9/18/99

9/18/99: Okay so it's been even longer this time. Last time I wrote I said I was going to start up some Tama's on Monday morning before I went to work. No, no nothing goes as planned, especially in my life. But here's my story.. it doesn't have anything to do with Tamagotchi, so if you don't wanna real, just skip the next 3 or so paragraphs.

That week I debated because things were really busy and I feared no time for them. So the week goes on and my friend LeAnne gets sick. Well I thought I was careful enough not to get near her as much. It turns out that on the 3rd I woke up and my throat was real sore, but I ignored it and took off for work. That day everyone was going out of town to Seattle and pretty much everyone without reach was gone someplace else for the 3 day weekend. During the day things got worse and I began to feel worse, but hey I thought it was just a cold and I can live through that stuff. With much relief LeAnne dropped me at home that night after work and I just went about like normal even though my head began to throb and ache and my throat felt real swollen. I've lived through worse as I say.

That night at the computer I was (not working on anything important as always) playing games and chatting and my head just got worse and worse. I felt so cold, yet it was 80 degrees in the house. I went on a search for the thermometer and my mothersí pager number. I called LeAnne in the process, but the problem was they were going camping and when no one answered I figured I missed her. I did finally find the thermometer and took my temperature and It came out 99.9F. Now mind you my norm is between 96 and 97.5, even though most peoples are 98.6. So I knew something had to be wrong. Having previously had a throat infection I checked that and the same signs where not present so I decided that wasn't it.

I could not believe I was sick and getting a temperature.. it rarely happens with me. Even when I was stuck on the couch for a week with the flu a while back I only got a slight temp and it went away quick. So I found my mothers pager number (in my memory.. just took a while, big hard drive, lots of space up there! ;)). I paged her in Seattle and by the time she got back to me I was freaking out! I kept taking my temp now and again and each time I did it was higher! By the time she called it was 101.6 and that was 4 degrees from me going to the hospital. Because I could die at 103, as it's too hot for the brain. I managed to get a hold of a friend that lives near our house that works for my mom and she picked me up some cold and flu stuff.

LeAnne did finally call me back, seems she was feeling awful and was to leave tomorrow to camp, but she was thinking about not doing so. So she ended up coming out here and staying with me. The sick taking care of the sick hehe. So she stayed with me that night and things did eventually get better and by the time I went to bed I was 100 degrees.

When I got up in the morning I was at normal 96.4 degrees, so that really helped. LeAnne left and went to the doctor herself and I stayed. She came back later, turns out she had tonsillitis. So we spent the weekend together in not the traditional manner. I've never slept so many hours in 2 days *laughs*

I had Monday off due to the holiday and that was helpful. My parents came back from their trip early. LeAnne never went on her trip at all. I chose not to go into the doctor because my temp was normal and it felt like a really bad cold. So I *had* to go to work during the week.. it was mandatory as it's the busiest week of the month and I'm the only one who can do my job. I suffered through it all and everyone avoided me ;). By Wednesday I developed some eye irritation, so I basically could not see for most of the day, it was awful! It took two days to go away and finally on that Friday I gave up and went into the doctor - I hate going!

Turns out I have a sinus infection, but it's just the beginning (ahhhhhhhh) so I should wait a day or two to see if it gets worse before filling my prescription. Well it got worse so I filled it the following Monday and things got better each day. Now he said it was normal for a virus like that to run 2 weeks and today is two weeks and one day and I feel 2000000% better. I still have a headache now and again and bad coughing and I'm still on the medication, but it should be all gone soon and I hope it doesn't develop into what LeAnne has. She's' finally getting over hers, but she went from a sinus infection to tonsillitis. She gave me the sinus infection of course.. I've never had one before this and I regret getting it :P

No less I've been battling the past 2 weeks, but it's not DigiMon's I've been battling.. it's my illness. No less things are much better now and more normal.

Tama wise, not much happening at all! No less I'm sitting here with 3 Tama's on my desk. One is Mimitchi, whom is beyond old due to pausing because I fear of never getting him back... One is my Morino Tamagotchi whom has the tab still in him.. Thinking of starting him up tonight. And one is my Angelgotch, which was going this week, just not with any help from me.

Right now on Angelgotch I have the Lucky Unchi-Kun (poop). Now, how did I get this character? Why I followed the advice that many have given me in email, yet I wasn't willing to follow until the 6th. I have been told that other then raising the Tama, there is a way to get the Unchi-Kun without taking certain care. And that was to take no care at all. So many people have said they have started an Angel Tama and left it somewhere (friends house, backpack, alone over a weekend, etc) for a period of 3 or 4 days alone without any care at all. And that just starting it and leaving it alone for that time, when you come back to it, you should have lucky poo. I was thinking it had to be wrong, but how could I argue, so I finally tried it. I left my Angelgotch on my desk and didn't touch it all week. I looked at it to see its progress though. It went from baby stage, to bad teen, to Oyajitenshi (and maybe secret character?) to lucky Unchi-Kun, like that. With no caretaking at all! How strange! So no less I got him, without any effort of my own. I'd like to get him the correct way some day though. If I get into work early one of these days I'll try and get a scan of him to put on my Tama images page.

I need to update my Tama Angel Characters page with that information.

I was trying to figure out my Tama CD-ROM (still), I found an support email address so I wrote to them and asked them to help me with my dilemma, so maybe my problems will be solved this way :)

Excuse me for the silence, as I'm starting up my Morino Tamagotch!

At 6:54pm tonight Morino the white egg has been started, he will hatch in a couple of minutes now. I hope to get a character I've never had before.. :) Need good luck for that, though.

I'm really not used to the fact that Morino when you fill his leaves as a baby, he doesn't loose them really fast like normal Tama babies. He's still filled from the first time I filled him from several minutes ago.

Anyway, I have been catching up on email (as always) lately and trying to catch up on my website and get things up to date and such in all sections.

I must mention really fast that in the early portion of this month I was contacted by a kind women in Japan who works for the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper (it's also printed online). She asked me several questions about Furby and my opinions on him as well as Tamagotchi, virtual pets and live pets in general. I am so very proud that they published the article on 9/6 and she was so kind as to send me two copies of the paper. My friend is gonna translate it for me. It is a pretty big article from what I can tell, in full color and links to my site, another Furby site, the official site, the robotic dog site and a Japanese Furby site. I am just so thrilled at this! I had to share it :)

Until next time.. and hopefully it will be a 'sooner' next time then this time was! Take care readers..

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