Tamagotchi Log 8/27/99

8/27/99: Been too long, no? It's been a busy month. As I said before my friend from California was staying with me for a couple of months and since I won't get to see him for a good year from now I needed my time with him.

As you can bet, most of my Tama's have passed away. The first to go where my DigiMon's, whom passed at the age of 14 (while they were on pause for a couple of days). They both became Darkmon to my disappointment. They both died on the same day too. Strangely enough the clear white one died over 8 hours after the blue one died. Is this related to the fact that he stayed up later when he was a baby, I don't have a clue. I'm not quite sure what determined any of that. This is part of the reason why I donít put up a website on DigiMon - I donít entirely understand everything about them. Though I should sometime.. they have their own TV show now, but sadly I can't get in the channel that carries it here so I haven't seen the show at all. I've seen some mixed reactions from people regarding it. A lot of people I know seem to think it's pretty cool.. but the other side seems to think it's really dumb and that it's a total rip off of Pokemon. So I don't know, haven't seen one episode.

I am hoping for production of new DigiMons.. so I'm gonna keep my eyes out in the stores in case they do come out because I'd like some of the other generations to play with.

Either way they both passed away.. and so has Ginjirotenshi, my sweet angel. Ginji passed away on a Monday, I found him crying.. so sad. I made an image, here is what he looked like before he left:

Ginji leaving

Isn't that terribly sad? I really love that guy.. he's my second favorite character, behind Mimitchi.

In fact Mimitchi is the only one of the group that now stands living. For now that's the way it'll stay. Before I go back to work on Monday I'll probably grab another Tama and start it and do a log again next week. Sorry but this weeks log is pretty short. More next time!

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