Tamagotchi Log 7/28/99

7/28/99: I've got 1Ĺ minutes left.

I guess I've got this down to about every 2 weeks. While this is not really my norm, itís only because I have company and I haven't been spending as much time on the computer as I normally do because.. well I have had more to do in my free time *laugh*.

*long beeping*

My DigiMon's just hatched. It's been a while since I've done much with these guys and I find myself again wanting to get some of the characters that I've never gotten before. There are several.. I've only gotten a little over half of them actually.

I've also had emails about a subject that I myself have in the past wondered about. Usually when I start a DigiMon it's with a second one so they get to be at the age of being able to fight at the same time. If I don't hatch two of mine, my friend will hatch one of hers so we can fight them. Either way they do get started at the same time.

Well often something strange will happen. Even though they are started at the same time, sometimes it takes a good 5-10 minutes longer for one to go to the next stage (Koromon) then the other.. even though they were started at the same time. Now this is only weird to people that know Tama's pretty well and they know that the baby stage time is the same in most of them.. or at least you can rely on the fact that they will be in the stage for the same amount of time. This doesn't seem to be the case.. well sometimes. I noticed, but I didn't say much of it, thinking I lost track of time or didn't get them started at the same time. Either way, I've gotten numerous emails regarding this over the past 6 months. So hey at least I'm not paranoid.

Since there are soo many pages out there about DigiMons and many of them really are great, I never desired to do a page about them, nor do I have plans to do such a page. I have searched around to a few of the better ones, and unless I'm missing something, I've never really seen much mention of this. I'd love to find out why this happens from time to time. Is it care taking? Or is it amount of games/food/whatever? Or is it just random. Guess I'll know in less then an hour. I'm treating them exactly the same, so maybe this will help me answer that question a bit?

Anyways. *1 feed/game*

*beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, tap, tap - beep*

Ginji just got called back from a walk, he came back, of course, looking like Ginjirotchi, instead of Ginjirotenshi *smile* - I love that guy!

I've had Ginjirotenshi for a little while. His age reads 8 years, but I've had him longer then that as I've had to pause him now and again. Especially on work days and evenings when I'm doing something that I can't care for him, like being in the pool!

It's been hot here... I read somewhere online (I think there's a link to it in my news section in the general Tama info) that there is a 'underwater case' for Tama's that you could put them in and still take care of them, while submerged in the water - without them getting ruined. It said it went for something like 30 bucks though and I've never seen it so it prolly didn't make it very far out of Japan, if at all. So I can't take them into the pool very safely. It's been too hot here!

*2 Feed/games to Digi's*

I had my clear blue Tamagotchi going, my gen1, and I messed up and got myself Nyorotchi. Well only messed up in the fact that I didn't get Ginjirotchi. I like Nyorotchi. I think he got a bad rap, just because he's further down on the Tama chain then some of the others. I think he's cute.

Since then he has passed away at age 8, he dies quickly unfortunately.

This has been a busy month for me so I'm kinda behind on email and I've not had as much time for my website as I'd like to. But hey, I'm trying to catch up on stuff. Not a lot going on with Tamagotchi, unfortunately. But if/when I get some new Tama's from Japan in the future I'll have more to add to the site as I'd really like some of the newer Tama's out there. Too bad Bandai gave up on selling them here..

Digi's just pooped.

I won't be writing this long enough to find out if they go to bed at the same time so I might just go do something else before I upload this log. In fact I think I will. I'll be back soon. Of course you won't notice the difference.


Ahh.. My clear white Digi changed into Koromon and went to bed at 10:28pm, but yes... the other one did not change. I will say that honestly I took care of them perfectly the same. Yet.. somehow one went to bed before the other. Strange. The one that went to bed is fully happy and not hungry and weight is at 10, age is at 0. Get this, my second DigiMon just pooped. He's still awake. I had to also feed and play once. Don't know when he's going to bed.

*Window minimize*

Okay and the second Digi changed and went to bed at 10:39pm. Strange, 11 minutes later. Yet cared for the same. Maybe it's just a random fluctuation in the program?

Oh well... off I go.. gotta get up for work tomorrow!

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