Tamagotchi Log 7/11/99

7/11/99: Hello! I'm still around. Right now in my life I've been busy. My friend from California is here and since we only get to see each other once a year IRL my time has been more devoted to real life, rather then online.

Because of that, I've also spent less time concentrating on Tama's. Well and pretty much everything that I normally do. Truthfully at this time of year I'd be on vacation in California, but since I'm not there, I'm here so I am still making efforts to update. I also work on The Furby Post newsletter, and I'm trying to keep up with mail (quite a task as of late).

Anyways, Iíve had two Tama's pass on me within the past weeks time. The First was my Japanese Angelgotch. I was amazed to find I got the big lips character, Taraten on my angel, instead of the last guy (hee hee).

::Drink of Hi-C - With Furby on the side!::

Well my Angelgotch passed away around age 10 I believe. While my clear blue died at age 8 with... Kutchipatchi on it. Ugh. I think I've turned into an awful caretaker when I 'get a life' even if it's briefly. My friend will go back to CA in a little over a month and then I'll go back to having plenty of time for Tamagotchi and my website in fact. By then I'll be doing better money-wise I think. My computer is taking my funds right now. Hopefully I can get my hands on some of the newest Tama's I haven't had a chance to get yet, sometime soon.

::Beeping Tama::

I just hatched my clear blue again - I decided why not. I also started my Angelgotch, but that was a little while ago.

So they are both in various parts of the Baby stage. I have Brendan caring for them while I type this log hee hee hee! He likes Tama's, but he's not thrilled to care for anyone's but his own ;)

Furby? Briefly here I've gotta update that section too, but haven't yet. I own 15 (3 in box) now and I have no idea how I managed that, but I did. I didn't buy them all though, many were gifts. My two most prized ones are a 'secret color' pink flamingo Furby and a grey/white Japanese speaking Furby. The Japanese one is soo adorable and very diff from the US versions, the sounds he makes and things he does is really cute! His name is Mee-Mee btw. Which is perfect. Mee-Mee and Mimitchi are both from Japan (well Tamagotchi originally was, it's a stretch but works) and I love them both so much!

Sorry to make this so short but I'm due for bed, I have to make it to work tomorrow. It's one busy day tomorrow. I'll catch y'all back here again soon!

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