Tamagotchi Log 6/29/99

6/29/99: One year ago I was preparing to leave for California. I miss California. This year my friend came up and for the first time in a few years tradition is broken and I am not in California, nor are any plans being made for this year as of yet. Somehow I doubt they will be made this year, it's too costly sometimes.

It also means that I'm less then a couple months from getting my first Tama and starting the entire section of Tamagotchi. Tamagotchi Planet (the new and current name) has gone through many translations and it's hard to believe, even for me, that it's such a big section of my website. As the whole thing started out as a personal page with a small page dedicated to one Mimitchi who had stolen my heart and it broke my heart to have him go. The response to the stories were great and that's how the logs where formed, then a section on how to get whom showed up, the email increased and things just went off from there.

Though I must admit I like how the page looks now much better then how it looked almost 2 years ago. It was done in all black and reds, I'm not sure if anyone would recall that ugly page or not.

Now I find myself not as interested in Tama's. What kept Tama's fresh for me were the arrival of new ones and the ability to buy them. But now the prices are awful and I wait for them to get decent, but they only seem to get worse. And that very aspect has hampered my ability to make Tama Planet grow. I wish to keep that page growing but I feel restrained because Bandai doesn't bring to the US more Tama's and the fact they are so hard to get a hold of over seas without big expense.

I'm not giving up on Tamagotchi though. I'm hoping to get my computer paid off in a few months and that way I have freed up some money so I can order some of the newest Tama's (like Devilgotch who looks sooo cool), even if they might be horribly over priced. I do still enjoy Tamagotchi, but it's hard to add more sections when Bandai no longer sells anything new to the US.

I do have fun with Tamagotchi still though, in fact I have 2 sitting next to me right now. They have both been recently born.

The last character on my clear blue turned out to be Kuchipatchi, someone I rarely get as is. The problem on days off is I sleep in and sometimes I don't hear my Tama's and since I forgot to pause them, I get bad characters like this. So I got Kuchipatchi, but hey he's not really a disappointment, he's a cute guy and has something I'm common with me. He's one brick short of a load - like me hehe! No less he left a couple of days ago. I started this Tama just a few minutes ago and right now he's in the demanding baby stage, but will soon be Marutchi.

The other Tama I have sitting here is my Japanese Angel, the only Japanese Angelgotch I own and cherish. I did have Oyajitenshi on this Tama a couple of days ago, but he left and I restarted this Tama a day ago. So right now I have Maruten whom is getting pretty good care, I really want to get Ginji Angel, but I messed up a bit yesterday evening, so I don't know if I'll get lucky or not and get the 'good' teen character or not.

Either way I have two Maru's. Though my Angel should change today.

Also sitting next to me is my Furby, Toh-Loo Kah (all black, green eyes). I've recently acquired 2 more Furbys, green and blue, but their websites won't be up for sometime as I just got them. Got them both from TRU on Monday the 21st, but didn't start them up until 2 days ago. Their names are Kah Dah and Doo-Moh.

My friend from California, Brendan, is up here as I mentioned last time. He's been here less then a week and it's been a fun week. We got to work on out first Furby Post together. I'll be updating, but prolly on a once a week basis or so.. but I won't let the page die ;)

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