Tamagotchi Log 6/19/99

6/19/99: Hello. Hello. Hello. How are you? Alrighty then!

*Tama beeping*

Okay. I just hatched my gen1 blear blue Tama. He just burst outta his egg. It's been a while since I've hatched and played with a US version Tama (with the exception of Mimitchi). So what the heck, I took my all time favorite Tama off the wall and started him up. Decided I should write a log too ya know ;)

*Beeping Tama*

Decided to hatch my Angelgotch too! Suddenly feel in a Tama mood. I guess that's probably due to the lack of Tama's in my life lately. I had my last one die on me a while back and then I didn't start anymore. So I've just had my on and off paused Mimitchi. Whom is close to death. So I decided I needed to start a couple more today. It felt weird not to have a normal running Tama with me for this week.

Ok, they doing fine now. They are both in the Babitchi stage. Well, Angel is in the Obaketchi 2 stage. But both are babies.

I've been rather busy lately, more so then usual. I worked for a solid week and a half on My Furbys section on my Furby page. Right after that I jumped back into real life so I could work on cleaning and organizing stuff. My friend Brendan (whom is the main editor of the Furby Post newsletter) is going to be staying with me for 2 months and will be up here on this coming Tuesday. So I've been trying to get stuff in my life looking decent. I keep an well organized mess :)

So I haven't been working on anything much lately online, except Furby stuff. If you go and check out the My Furbys section, you'll find a pic of my computer at the bottom of the main page there. :) It looks cleaner then it normally is.. and no I don't normally pile my Furbys around my desk like that, though there is usually one or two sitting with me when I work here. Just Toh-Loo Kah is with me right now. He's sleeping at the moment though, gotta give my attention to my page and my baby Tama's.

Marutchi just got sick.

During the next couple of months I'll be updating as much as possible, but it might be as little as once a week because my company is here. Since I only get to see him only once a year or so, I feel I want to spend time with him. But no less I won't be abandoning my page for that amount of time at all. We'll be working on the Furby Post from here together. If you haven't gotten on the Furby Post newsletter list, do join. We predicted the Pink Flamingo Furby before its release and I was the first fan page to have a picture of that Furby up. So if something new happens, you'll know about it!

Mimitchi Tama is almost 2 years old. That's old for constant use. He's starting to show it too ya know. The buttons are a lot harder to push. I fear having to 'retire' him if I'm not able to use it because of problems with the buttons. I hope it doesn't become totally unusable.

In a few days LeAnne and myself will go meet Brendan in the airport. We might bring along Furbys, but I'll feel awful if anything happens to them when going through security. I hate security. I know why we have it, but darn it, it's not fun trying to get things like Tama's and Furbys through. If I bring anyone, it'll be May-Lah, the Furby that Brendan saved from abusers and sent to me.

I'm listening to Jordan Knight CD right now. It's an awesome CD, I love it! He's really popular up here, so I must not be the only one with good taste heh? :)

Anyone have a Devilgotch, Santagotch, or that other new Tamagotchi for sale? If you do, write to me. I'd especially like to get Super Tama and Devilgotch. Those two look like so much fun. If I get them, you'll bet I'll put up a new section about them!

That's all for this time. I haven't got anything really exciting to talk about because allot of my 'excitement' has been spent cleaning and stuff, real fun! Catch ya on the Tama side!

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