Tamagotchi Log 6/3/99

6/3/99: Long time no write eh? Life has been exceedingly busy, not just online, but offline too. So much to do, so little time. I have kept a couple of Tama's going even when I'm not writing logs.

I had a Marutchi when I last wrote. I'd like to say that I failed to be good with him and because I wasn't sure what I wanted to go for... I didn't get what I wanted. I was sitting in a restaurant called "Red Robin" and I looked in on the guy, expecting to see Tongaritchi (75% disciplined too!) and found - Kusatchi the plant and worst character! I was *shocked* to say the least! Oh yes, I messed up big time. I'm learning to pause when I know I won't be able to take adequate care for them, which has lead them to have longer lives hehe, in a pausing sort of way.

Well I restarted him a couple days later and he is now again a Tongaritchi with 75% discipline. Unfortunately he went to bed with poop two nights in a row because he seems to be in this annoying habit of pooping 1 minute before he settles himself into bed. While I've caught it now and again, I have missed it the last 2 nights.

I also started my Morino at the end of last month to experiment. I took the weight up as far as I could and made it up to 76 units when he changed into the cocoon stage, again at age 3, not age 6 as he normally would. Well I took moderate care, never pausing while he was in the cocoon, always keeping the meter on the warm side of the scale, but making sure to change it now and again, letting it settle back to the middle.

Well I expected he would emerge the little earthworm that he was when he went into the cocoon after that 24 hours, but instead he actually changed form! I'm gonna go make an animation right now!

Ok I'm back.

The character I got is the Mushibatchi, the 4th one up the chart. Here is some info about him:

Mushibatchi (lit. "Insect (infested) tooth", i.e. Cavity): His normal habitat is inside a Tamagotchi's mouth, but out of an increasing sense of racial guilt about the fact that he was a Cavity Bug, he moved out of Tam Mouths and spends his time in the natural world. His mighty spear makes him quite popular among those of the opposite sex.

Below is my animation of him:


And here is another of him sleeping:
Mushibatchi sleep

I didn't take perfect care of Morino and often let him beep for attention so I could keep highering his weight, so I think that's why I got this character. But that's okay, any new character is a good thing!

He is 7 years today and we just passed age 6 in which he didn't attempt to go into a cocoon like I suspected he would not.

Brief note here before I end this short log. I have been working on the site more then people realize lately. I'm working on a somewhat big project for my Furby page, a new part of the page... but it is taking time as I'm learning some new graphics programs and such. I'm definitely no graphics artist, so I kinda squeak by with using the ones I manage to make. I've made all the ones on my site (mimitchi.com), cept where I specifically say I didn't and I tell ya, I think they suck, but the good part is I'm getting better.. or so I think! But its better then ripping all my images off another website and stealing from them, right? (Grumble, have had a few do that to me... a few too many!) Oh well, so that's why it's been so slow for putting up that new section on that side.

I've also been busy helping out my friend Brendan run and research for The Furby Post newsletter. Sign up if you haven't, we've got over 30 people, which in less then a month is not awful. It's going pretty well I think.

I've also been busy IRL... my sister is graduating from high school. At work our office is preparing to expand. Yours truly will no longer share an office with accounting anymore... I get my own office finally! I've been trying to prepare for the arrival of my friend Brendan; he will be staying with me for the summer. No worry, I will continue work on the page! I told him he can't keep me away if I can help it :) We'll work on the newsletter from here.

Life is changing... things are weird. I won't bore anyone too much. Just been keeping busy... at work... at home... at work... at home... at work... at home... oh yeah... at work too.

My Furbys say hi.. all 9 of them. I've got a collectors in box and another collectors on the way. I never meant to have 9, but it just turned out that way. Weird how that happens. Either way I guarantee that I won't ever have 84 Furbys :) That's insane. But it's not insane to have 84 Tamagotchi. It is insane to have all 84 Tamagotchi ALIVE at once. Whoaa.. don't wanna go there.

Am I rambling or what? Tired tired tired... off to bed I need to head. Until then... remember.. eat your cereal with a fork and do your homework in the dark. TTFN.

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