Tamagotchi Log 5/18/99

5/18/99: I realize it's been a couple of weeks since I've put up a log on my page. I guess it's one of those things that isn't easy to explain. Time just passes and before I know it I don't even know what's been going on. I've been getting sorta burnt out at my job, but I've gotten myself healthy again and my virtual pets are fine. Truthfully my life hasn't been very eventful when it comes to Tamagotchi. Were my life is eventful is in places that most likely would not really be of interest to anyone in this log, though. But either way...

Shortly after I published my last log I got someone who emailed me telling me her story with her Morino. Now I'm glad that she did, her name is Kathy. She told me she had a similar experience with her Morino, so I'm not alone in this experience at all. So I'm glad I wasn't delusional :) Ironically both of our Morino's did that when they were over 50mg... Either way, let me tell you what happened with little Morino.

::puts on her new Sheryl Crow CD::

Well if you recall from the last log, my Morino came out of his cocoon stage at age 4 and was Imotchi, the same character he was when he went into it. So I kept an good eye on him during the times he was un-paused during that week. I kept raising his weight up as much as I could. I believe I got it up in the 70's when he finally went into that cocoon again, at the normal age when he should at age 6 right when he woke up that morning in fact. I took care of him, not perfectly at all though. I let the meter wonder back and forth and every time I noticed it change, I changed the temperature direction. In fact I was down right lazy about it ;). I let him go over night without touching him until morning.

Well the next day I was at work when he came out of the cocoon. I picked him up and stared at that screen in anticipation, watching the Imotchi disappear pixel by pixel.

What emerged was something familiar, unfortunately.

He changed into a character I have had before. His name is Minotchi and I have an animation of him in my Morino pages. There are two of him on the chart, just my luck I'd end up with both of them ;).

Now, he died only a few days later at age 10, unfortunately that character has always died young for me... in fact all my Morino characters have.

This whole thing brings many questions to my mind concerning weight now. Is the Morino better and better as you go up in weight? Or is there a point where the weight really is unhealthy? For example... what if one gets the best character at 90 units of weight, but it's considered unhealthy at 99 units so you get Funkorogatchi? Well it's just a thought because I haven't been able to get up his weight that high as of yet nor can I be sure that there is any 'perfect' or 'unhealthy' weight on Morino, but it's obvious now that weight is definitely the key to getting better characters. I guess this might be because a baby needs lots of food and nourishment to grow and be healthy?

I will be restarting Morino sometime soon, I haven't decided when yet. As of lately I've just been trying to get out of my bad habit of procrastinating everything and working on stuff. Even if I want to do something, I still procrastinate it... it's always been my nature, unfortunately. Anyways...

I did get Pochitchi as you saw, sometime back, well he passed away a week or two ago on me without any sign of change. He was 17 years old. Even though he lived longer then that, I only paused and set the clock right, not putting him to bed every night, so he aged mostly naturally.

The next day I started up my gen2 clear orange Japanese Tama. Though he is on pause right now and in his Marutchi stage. I'd hate to jinx myself just yet about what character I want to get soo... I won't say yet. :)

I've been working on other projects lately. Site promotion has been one, so has been subtle changes that no one would notice, unless they read my html. Fixing up stuff so I'll be indexed better and such in the search engines. You know, boring stuff that most people don't care to hear about ;)

I've been working with Brendan on the Furby newsletter, The Furby Post and we just got our first official issue out a short while ago. I think it's a lot of fun, I hope that it will continue to take off in its success.

As you've prolly noticed I've been trying to keep everything on the site in it's own area and I know that me talking about Furby here has been pretty much something that I should be doing elsewhere because in no way does Furby fall under the Tamagotchi/Bandai topic, even if he is a virtual pet. I'll be working on a page to talk about my Furbys on in the future. Though I can't guaranty I won't talk about them in here... Because I love Furby :)

I've been asked several times in email in regards to the new Tama's out in Japan and if I've gotten them yet. As of yet some of them I haven't even found being sold online, and others I have found selling some of them (like Devil and Santa) have been selling them for outrageous prices. Before I was paying double price on a few Tama's, double of retail. But I can't do that, yet alone pay almost triple the price that some places are asking. But I'm still looking, but it might be a while before I get a chance to get my hands on one of the new Tama's.

Either way, I gotta go work on other pages on my site for it's been a while. Have fun, be crazy, be wild, and all that good stuff... ;)

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