Tamagotchi Log 4/30/99

4/30/99: Okay remember how last time I wrote and said I would probably restart my Morino Tamagotch within a couple of days after the last log. Well I started it the very next day that week, on 4/20. Well... I have the weirdest story to tell. This is abnormal for me.

I swear I'm not making this up. Just listen, I'll explain best I can.

Well I went to The Matrix (Ohh I love this movie!) on the 19th. Well on the late evening of the 20th I hatched Morino. He went straight to bed, though, because it was around 11pm at night and since they don't go through that hourly baby stage, he just goes to bed.

For the next 3 days I take good care of him, but I constantly made him gain weight. Getting his weight up to 40+ units of weight. I paused him on Friday before the weekend because I was working on redesigning the main index of my site (mimitchi.com - What do you think of the new look?), hoping it'll be easier to navigate and find everything on my site. Well anyways Morino stayed on pause indefinitely during that weekend and then come Monday.

Monday I set the clock and he woke up and I went to work that day. He was off pause all day long. He went to bed as Imotchi (the little worm stage before cocoon) and I paused the Tama at 2am or so, knowing I would not be up in time the next morning to care for him that early.

Totally side stepping my story on Morino for a moment, Tuesday I woke up with a severe sore throat. That long thing in the back of my throat had swelled up to the size of a golf ball and was blocking my airway to the point where I was afraid I might choke and die on it as breathing wasn't that easy and I was in much pain. I went into the doctor that morning, found out I had a bacterial infection and was put on medication. Medication that makes me feel terrible and makes me horribly exhausted. I was lucky I had Tues, Wed, and Thur off of work, or I would have not been able to work anyways. Friday was not a good work day. This week has been terrible and you know what? The thing in my throat has shrunk, but I've got to finish taking the medication that makes me feel awful and sleep 12 hours and more a day and I've got a good 5 days left of it - joy! It has been quite the year for me to get sick, has it not?

Back to Morino. Because I was sick and sleeping all the time (heck I still am!), I kept Morino on pause, not wanting to mess up my caretaking with him. So he was paused at 4 years, 45 units of weight. They go into the cocoon at age 6. I did not mess with the clock at all or age him in any form. When he was going, it was always the correct time and I never kept him up later then normal.

Well, he stayed on pause all my days off (which I spent in bed :P) until Thursday around midnight. I set the clock to the correct time (as I always did) and found Morino in a cocoon. I kinda scratched my head and thought, oh well I musta forgot he went into that stage. I left him un-paused beside my bed for the rest of the night keeping the temp on the warm side. I only managed to check him once during the night. I woke up at 7am to get ready for work. I checked Morino and got ready for work not thinking anything was different. Considering the week I had, I really thought everything was normal.

The entire day goes by and I'm keeping and eye on the temperature, keeping it always on the warm side, thinking that he'll come out of the cocoon this evening. So tonight (after taking a long nap after work, darn medication!) I'm online poking around at websites I normally go to and I'm keeping an eye on Morino, hoping for a new character. Well I finally hear that shimmering sound of him changing.

I pull him outta my pocket.

I look at the screen as it goes all black.

He emerges as... Imotchi, the second stage Babitchi character - the same one I had when he went into the cocoon!

I swear I'm not lying!

So he goes right to bed. I've spent quite much time thinking about the past week and what has and hasn't happened. I never saw him go into that cocoon, just assumed I did when I un-paused him last night. But it turns out he's only 4 years old and not meant to change yet.

Many questions come up in my mind. Did Bandai make this happen for when he's paused for a long period of time? But that don't make sense. Did he get bumped weird in my pocket and that happened? Who knows! Now the only thought in my mind is... what happens when he turns age 6? Does he go into another cocoon... or does he just change? Questions, questions... they fill my mind. Anyone that comes to my page normally and has for a long time, knows that I don't print things unless I know they are true to my knowledge, nor do I print rumors or BS stories and claim them true. Well this is so very true, I'm not making this up - I have no reason to. I have a witness to some of these events, but no one was around when he emerged this character from the cocoon. I won't be around anyone Tama oriented over the weekend so I might pause him so I can show him to LeAnne whom I've told this story to, so I at least have her whom saw him in the cocoon today, so she can see indeed he came out this baby stage again. Which I might do that because my medication is making me pretty ill, so I'll probably have another weird few days. I'm rambling, I know.

Anyone had anything like this happen with their Morino, do email me, I'm interesting in hearing real stories like this. Guarantied I'll post here as soon as I have a change in Morino's status.

If I'd ever get well and stop catching things I would be able to have time to update everything I've been meaning to. I've just been updating very small amounts of stuff lately. A lot is in the Furby section, because that - unfortunately for Tama fandom - is what is drawing my hits and visitors. I won't be abandoning my section on Tamagotchi, even if Tama fans have abandoned their Tama's - though not all of us have :)

Had to write this log up tonight, even if it's late, just so I don't forget what happened because I still can't believe my eyes. For all I know, he could have just gotten bumped weird and it was a freak accident, which would be my luck. And remember... pizza isn't just for breakfast anymore... or something. Goodnight.

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