Tamagotchi Log 4/19/99

4/19/99: Ahhh, it's been a good Tama week! I have but 2 Tamagotchi actually alive right now, but I used to have 3! Let me tell you about the week.

As you may know I started my Morino Tamagotchi again, hoping I'd get lucky. Well within the last log coming out, 3 people wrote me and said the best way to get the good characters is to get its weight up as high as possible before it went into the cocoon. I was like... how weird, a good character from an overweight unhealthy character. In fact there is a website on this. Well when I received these emails it was only 3 days before he was to go into that cocoon and I decided what the heck and tried this idea. It was very difficult to bring the weight up because it's not with regular snack, there is a food that gives them 2 units of weight, but doesn't make them happy, and so I must play the game. The game is hard so I usually have to play it several times to fill one leaf. Well the thing is I tried very hard to keep that weight going up and up. Which meant me neglecting him. But either way by the time he went into the cocoon he was 54 units of weight. So I was celebrating this thought and I took care of him in the cocoon, keeping the meter on the hot side more so, instead of the cold side. But I didn't however take perfect care of him in this stage. In fact I only changed the meter once it moved and kept it on the hot side and middle.

That night when I went to bed I debated about putting him on pause and decided no I wouldn't worry about it, instead I would try and get up during the night to check on him, which I did on and off, but he was left alone in the heat for a good 5 hours straight once. So I took care of him when I woke up the next day, hoping indeed the weight thing was the answer. Well I need to update the Morino section of my site, something I shall do this week, because that is indeed the answer to all the problems.

When he emerged from the cocoon I was at work and I picked him up, waiting anxiously to see what character I would get, dreading the Funkorogatchi. But... as I said the weight thing worked... I got the character called ChobiTamatchi! He's a cute little guy, I made an animation of him. Want to see him here before he appears on my Morino page? I bet ya do!

That's him... isn't he cute?! Unfortunately, like all my Funkorogatchi's, he died fast. In fact it only took like 2 days for him to pass on.. I'm beginning to wonder if this is normal for Morino. Either way at least I will be able to get more characters in the future... still can't believe it's done by bad care taking! So hard to believe... Bandai pulled a fast one on us! Either way I think I'll be hatching him again tomorrow.

The other good part is I finally... Pochitchi! Yes, I finally did. It took me this long, but the key here was to pause him if I knew I was gonna be getting up past the time he was going to be getting up, that way he is not neglected in the morning, so it's easier that way. So it took about a week or two, but hey I finally got him!

I have a couple days off so I'm gonna be hopefully able to work on my page more... so I'll have to keep this log short. Kinda can't help that since I only have two Tama's alive... isn't a lot to write about at the moment. They are both going to see The Matrix with me in an hour, which is another reason I need to shorten this log, because I've got to get ready. So take care and have fun, shall be writing again soon!

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