Tamagotchi Log 12/26/97

12/26/97: This log is mostly about yesterday, Christmas, since I didn't get to write then:
Well Christmas started out late. I woke up late; company was already at our house. So I had to rush and care for my Tama's and get ready and get upstairs. Next thing that was wrong about this year is that my sister was at her dad's and my grandma passed away last January, so it just didn't feel right. Either way Christmas was bound to happen. We opened up gifts around 10. I got a new computer monitor (the one I currently have is horrible), some clothes, a Mr. Bean video, and a few other assorted items that I can't seem to remember :P Either way I was happy that the morning ended. It's just not Christmas to me. I rushed downstairs to partake in the Tamagotchi email list online hatching. My first ever group hatching online. I only stayed on for about 35 mins, as I was supposed to have breakfast with everyone. Most ppl only stayed for that or less time anyway. So I decided to hatch 2 P1's, my white/black Tama, and my clear green with yellow buttons Tama at 12N. So now I have a total of 5 going, plus the Cd-Rom, which changed into Tongaritchi yesterday (Dec. 25th) when it woke up. I took care of them until they changed a little after 13:00.

We departed to my mom's mother, my grandma's house at 13:30 or later. This was the part of the day that I really needed my Tama's with me to survive to put it bluntly. The one thing I dread so much about Christmas is the visit to my Grandma's house. I love my Grandma; itís my other relatives I am not so fond of! The usual stampede of events occurred: rude relatives at the table fighting, drunk male relatives in the kitchen telling tall tales, TV addicts telling everyone to shut up so they can hear the TV, the smokers out on the porch every 15 minutes, the cousin's fighting constantly, the yelling... the drinking.. sigh. The curiosity. I wasn't ignored this year for one reason: I had Tamagotchi. While I did my best to remain in the quietest and easiest to get along side of the room (i.e.: TV addicts corner), I was thus approached several times by curious family wonders on the way to the bathroom or other such rooms past me. They would often stop and peer in at my Tamagotchi asking what they are, what they do, and what they are for. There, of course, was one cousin who decided Tamagotchi was only for 5 year olds trying to learn discipline and responsibility. Thus she is also the back stabber and often contradicts herself. She spent a good 20% of her stay there, talking to me about my Tama's. In one conversation that went closely like this:

Cousin: What are those?
Me: They are Tamagotchi.
Cousin: What do they do?
Me: (explains feeding, playing, discipline, raising and changing stages)
Cousin: What is the point?
Me: (long explanation)
Cousin: Why would you want one of those?
Me: (even longer explanation)
Cousin: I hear you can cheat on those
Me: (even longer long explanation)
Cousin: Have you ever killed one intentionally?
Cousin: Why would you want to take care of one of those anyway?
Me: (at this point I wanted to yell "shut up and go away" because she's never cared for one, she could never understand until she does. And considering her uncaring spoiled little self that she is, I doubt she could ever understand) I think your mom is calling you. (saved by the rental unit).

She's more irritating then she sounds. She's in that teenage time where she thinks she knows everything and has everything so everyone should worship her. Ether way she concluded Tama's were stupid. But being the contradictive person that she is... she asked my Grandma about her Nano Baby. My grandma got it out and gave it to her and she suddenly didn't think Virtual Pets were stupid. She contradicted herself as usual. She also seemed rather interested in my Tama's for the rest of the evening. She wasn't the only one, but nonetheless the one that bugged me the most.

One of the drunken argumentative relatives took brief interest and proceeded to tell me some very rude stories about their past and involvement with pets. The man is just sick when he's drunk, but a good person when heís sober. Sadly I've only seen him sober on very rare occasions. Either way this was part of our pathetic Christmas.

The best part of it all was watching South Park. My Grandpa has excellent taste in TV. He recorded the Christmas episode of South Park (one I had missed) and we watched it roaring with laughter. We ended up seeing it two times.. What a awesome episode that was, it took away from the events happening around me and the fighting ceased for a little while ;)

Either way, that was just a short bit that happened. Thank god I had my Tama's or I would've gone crazy. They are all 75% disciplined, the 3 young ones that is, right now and the clear black got sick today (the 26th). Mimitchi finally got to experience my family at their worst, and I am glad I will prolly spend New Years Eve with Mimitchi, as opposed to spending it with the family. I am usually alone on New Years, but that's okay, in contrast of how it could be. As goes another long ended, though it is only a little after 13:00, so I might add more later! ;)

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