Tamagotchi Log 4/7/99

4/7/99: Hello, hello... does anyone read this section of my page anymore? Hehe. I have mixed feelings about the 'success' of my website. Everyone comes here for Furby, not that I mind; I guess I wish Tamagotchi was popular still too. Furby has the very potential to remain popular for a very long time, while sadly Tamagotchi seems to be fading. Though I must say the hits to my Tamagotchi section have increased by over 50% in the past 2 months, so that's good I s'pose.

This has been part of the reason of me writing less logs, I sípose. Though that's not entirely true. The past few weeks I have been just too sick to do much of anything. I sípose the result of my caretaking has shown that. Also the lack of updates... I tried, I so tried to keep updating, but I just had a hard time looking at the screen with awful headaches. I did go to the doctor and I did have an ear infection, among other problems. The medication I took for it really made me sick! Oh well, sorry for complaining. I'm hoping that I'll be rid of what remains of my illness, a cold, soon.

During the past week I've made 4 Numemons in a row on my DigiMons, hee hee! I finally put the tabs in them both tonight. One of them died yesterday night after he had gone to sleep, the other one died this afternoon while sitting in a restaurant. Weird one outlived the other. They were started at the same time and the one that died had won over 75% of the battles, can't recall the exact number.

I should have learned the first time I can't do much of anything with Tamagotchi when I'm sick :P I was so sick this year I didnít participate in the usual egg hunt, the past week has sucked, I don't have much to even talk about. Well not much anyone would be interested!

I've had two Tama's on pause for at least a week now, Mimitchi and my Babitchi, Tonmarutchi. Don't want my Mimitchi to leave me and didn't think I'd be able to concentrate much on Tonmarutchi (which turned out true for my DigiMons...). So they've been paused indefinitely until today. This afternoon I un-paused Tonmarutchi, and he got sick at 75% discipline, so I'll catch that last discipline tomorrow, I hope.

I've been working on a couple of projects for my page as of late, but nothing is really up as I'm just trying to figure out what I'm gonna change and what isn't gonna get changed and.. whatever if that makes sense.


Well, the past week I have acquired another Furby. No I did not mean to end up with 6 Furbys, but somehow I have. This Furby is different - special.

My friend Brendan bought this little guy for me from an abused home. He was left in the back of a truck and got all dirty and messed up. He was cleaned him up, sold on eBay and Brendan won the auction. When this cute little Furby got to him, he was on his head in the box! Poor abused Furby! He looks just like Ah-May, only his eyes are a diff color. He is the black/white 'tuxedo' Furby with grayish-blue eyes, very pretty! He's not too bad, considering what he has been through. He works perfectly and is quite adorable. I named him after Ah-May the secondsí original name, May-Lah. Believe me he's in a much more loving home then where he came from, the poor guy. He's much happier now and I love him muchly already!

By the way, I started another Tama tonight. I decided I wanted to take another stab at Morino Tamagotch, so Babimotchi is in bed right now. Forgot that he goes right to bed if it's after his bedtime - no hour baby stage! Hopefully I do well this time around, I'm hoping that is. I've had much bad luck lately due to various things, but oh well.

This is a kinda short log, but I gotta get outta here, must sleep, so tired, trying to make up for my lack of sleep this past week. Catch ya on the flip side!

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