Tamagotchi Log 3/28/99

3/28/99: Better late then never, right? Hee hee. Well it's late here, don't imagine this log will be long, but then again.. I often say that with different results.

It's been a really long week. I've been more or less busy and a bit lazy on another part. How'd I know the week was setting me up to get sick. Have a really bad cold right now and I'm far from happy, but that's okay, it could be worse, right?

Well you're not here to listen to me complain, are you? I'd think not.

My CD-ROM Tama has not yet been dealt with, so I really have no new or solutions on that yet. I have a bad feeling that my entire Tama history on it will be destroyed with out much work to save it. No less I have been stuck working and been without time to do that. Soon...

I had Zukitchi pass on me sometime ago, but tonight I started up that same Tamagotchi again, hey maybe I'll get lucky. Life keeps getting in my way of care taking, so do illnesses. Little Shirobabitchi is bobbing back and forth on the screen right now, quiet - for the moment.

Do to my horrible non-successful past few weeks (months?) with Tamagotchi I have not let Mimitchi leave... I don't want him to leave me because then I fear I won't be able to get him back, so really not much to talk about there.

My two DigiMon's died tonight on me, both within a couple hours of each other, both Numemon. This probably doesn't surprise anyone reading. I kinda expected the most unhealthy, but hey.... oh well. I started them up a while again, gonna try for something much different.

I've been working on answering email much over the past week, doing a little at a time. It's easier to do it that way, then spend an entire weekend doing it all. The problem is, of course, that tons pours in while I'm answering others, *laugh*. I need to hire someone to borrow my brain and answer my email for me while I work on my page!

That be a topic that's been slow. My whole website has kinda slowed in updates. I promise I'm not gonna disappear. I've been having other problems, including some with the current host I'm dealing with. Addr ain't all that. I dare say here - and this is without promise - that my site might be making a final move in the future. I don't want to move right now because I'm getting gobs of visitors, this is largely due to extremely good rankings in search engines. Of course the hits are to my Furby section, which has become quite a section on its own. But I've had quite the raise in Tamagotchi emails lately and the hits to my Tama section has risen a good 60% over the past 2 weeks and seems to be climbing. I guess the next generation of care takers is finding Tamagotchi? I don't know. But yes, I expect another move to another location before the year is over. I make no promises at all, but when I next move I'll most likely move straight to my own domain. So if I have probs, moving won't be a prob because my URL won't change, I figure this is the only way I can deal with this.... but seriously, don't quote me here.. my mind changes on this by the hour, but when I make up my mind, I guaranty it'll be made obvious to everyone.

I have plans for my site in the future and have decided that things really need to be updated and cleaned up a bit. Just need the time to do it, ya know? My degree of laziness has been due to being sick this week. Don't want to do much when I'm feeling this way and I know that's selfish, but sometimes it's difficult to want to think when one's head is exploding.

I have many people that ask me about where to buy the Japanese Tamagotchi and where to get Tama Ocean lately and I'm not sure if someone out there, either official or non-official is promoting Tamagotchi, but really it's popularity (at least judging by my email) seems to be somewhat growing.

Speaking of which... rip off companies. There have been no Furby rip off's so far... I'm kinda surprised on this. But in a way I'm not. Furby is a lot more complex then people would believe. And next of all - Tiger Electronics is the one that really ripped off Bandai big time. Bandai doesn't really rip off ideas, but I've always wondered if they have thought about ripping off Tiger Electronics? I mean they could try to make their own knock-off Furby and prolly make some good profit. But again because Furby is so complex, I don't know if they would have anything good. But hey, I keep looking... never do know.

Oh yeah, speaking of Furby. LeAnne, my dear friend, brought me McDonalds tonight with two Furby toys :) They are kinda scary though, not as cute as Furby ya know.... very strange looking things! They do very corny things... isn't really much of a representative of Furby, but then again, this is a cheap little 3 cent toy (which is selling for 1.69!) so I couldn't expect too much. LeAnne has two from the first series, they blink their eyes and 'purr' and look really mad! I have two from series two and they move their ears and feet and don't look angry, thankfully.

Oh yeah, I'm selling a Furby Beanie on eBay if anyone wants it, it's going for $2. You can check that out here.

Oh yeah... on a sad note, I don't see Tama's around much anymore. I used to see them, but now I don't even see them in TRU or any place like that. I do see GigaPets - those gosh awful knock-offs from Tiger Electronics. The same company I want to work for, but would not work in the GigaPets department ;) Actually, any job I'd love there.... maybe someone will see me and hire me? Naa.. I'm wishing again. Oh well I guess I have too many Tamagotchi anyways, right? I even have doubles and some in my closet that I have yet to count in my collection because I'm not sure if I want to give them away or keep them. Anyone interested in a MIB new, unopened P2 US version Tamagotchi and want a list, email me, I'll get to back to ya. I don't recall the colors, or I'd say here.

My little Shirobabitchi darling just went down for his nap, guess I'll be up a while longer, even though it's after midnight, gotta get up for work. Not that I'll sleep much with this cold.

Btw, I think I mentioned sometime back that the Tamagotchi email list had closed down and I was looking for a new list. Well thanks to one of my friends I met through my page, I've been saved. Dear Klay, you always come to my rescue I swear you are just always there for me helping me out *hugs*. If anyone else is interested in the mailing list, it's a Virtual Pets list, that yes is active and many of the people from the original Tama list gravitated to, the list can be joined here.

Alright then, have I babbled enough tonight? I think so. It's 12:34am and that's my sign to spell check (yes I finally got my spellchecker back!) and upload!

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