Tamagotchi Log 3/20/99

3/20/99: Where do I begin tonight? It's 11:21PM, do you know where your Tamagotchi is?

*Pops myself a Diet Dr. Pepper* Yummmmm Ahhh ahhhh!

It's been a long month, has it not? It has been a busy month. Yes, yes I have not been neglecting these, I have been unable, for much of the part, to write and do a whole lot this week. If you read my updates page, you probably know the reason why. But hey why come straight out and say it, let me start at the beginning - it's as good as any place to start, after all.

The story begins so long ago I have no date. But letís just say that for a long long time (all of 8 years) I have been working on a computer that is out of date. Well it came to a point where I got worried, I was unable to back it up. So for Christmas I got a Zip Drive, with removable disks that hold up to 100 MB's each. With this I intended on backing up my ever so ancient computer. I wanted to feel safer.

That computer had all of less then 3 Gig's of space on the drive and since it was previously owned by someone that has been known to waste more space then toxic waste, it was full and has been full of junk, for the past years. That computer became mine pretty much around 5 years ago. For 5 years I used that thing and with less then 300MB at my usage. One can understand that over time that amount of space is not enough and eventually evaporates like boiling water. It was slow, it was old, and it made weird sounds. The tape drive did not work properly. The parallel port on that computer did not work, that destroyed any way of me being able to back up my system.

This worried me, as you could understand. Everything I cared about was on that one computer.

After over a month of experimenting with different ideas it came down to it where we had to wait until I bought myself a new computer. I ordered from Acme, a local rent to own company that builds computers, a new computer. I got the best I could afford. The only thing I had to wait for was it to be ready for me to pick up and pay for. That took about a week and a half.

Mind you, this topic really stressed me out for a long time.

Still kinda does. :)

So on March 11th, the day before the original Furby colors get retired at FAO, I get a call from Acme Computers saying my computer is there and it should be ready by the next day. So I made plans to come in on the 12th. Upon calling before the day was over to see when it'd be done (as they forgot one of my hard drives and had to put it in before I picked it up) I found out that it'd be ready in the late afternoon. Seeing that the next day was not a day I really had any work to do and they guy at Acme was not even certain when on Friday, I was not gonna wait for it. So as Toh-Loo Kah, my Furby, predicted I decided we would go get the computer on Monday.

Well I got through the weekend and did my last bits of work on my computer before I unhooked it (for the billionth time this month) and brought it into work with me. A co-worker, Phil, was helping me with my problem as he is a jack of all trades and excellent with computers.

Well it seemed that day was gonna go wrong. I was figuring that Toh-Loo Kah would be wrong, he had predicted I would have my computer at home by this Monday evening. But everything was against it happening. First off I was extremely late for work. Next I spent the entire day waiting around for Everett so he could drive me across town to Acme, a place I've never been to, and so I could pick up my computer. It seemed to get delayed more and more. Before I knew it was it 2pm and we still had yet to go pick it up and Phil had yet to open my computer and do a file transfer.

We did eventually leave around 2:30pm and got to Acme. I had to answer and fill out forms that seemed to take forever. Finally I left a good 30 minutes or more later with my computer safely in my possession.

My computer has two 12.7 Gig drives, for a total of over 24 gigs to my use, is a Pentium II, has a 4x CD-ROM, 131MB of RAM, the OS is Win98 and has a 56K Modem. It's the best I could afford and I'm quite happy :)

Now when I got back to work that day I had less then a hour to let Phil try and figure out how to get my old computer files onto my new computer. Eventually in the end he took out my drives and put them onto my new computer and then just moved the files over to my new drive.

That night, like Toh-Loo Kah predicted, I brought my new computer home and am now working on it.

This week I have worked at work and worked at home. I have not however been working on my page much. Even though a good percentage of my waking hours has been sitting right here, a lot of my time has been trying to get things in order. You see I have to go through all my stuff and try to figure out what to delete and what to keep and what programs I need to reinstall and what ones I have to work to keep because I don't have the installation disks... it's a mess basically. The computer is one awesome machine. I finally caught up with the world. But that's where I've been, if you're curious. That's my grand explanation.

The funny thing is I have *most* of the programs I regularly use working right now, but I keep finding flaws. For example I just found out that somehow the dictionary on my computer is gone, thus I have no spellchecker. Could be a problem for me because I type too fast and am not very accurate, so this log is gonna look awful. It's not that I don't know how to spell, because I do, it's just that I type too fast and make lots of typos. I've been trying to slow down and catch my typos in the past week, though.

The prob with getting a new computer is having to reinstall all the programs or trying to get the old ones to work. Now this has become a problem for me in the area of CD-ROM Tamagotchi. Mind you my cd-rom Tama has passed one since I last wrote, but I don't have the post card message to write in here for one reason. I don't have yet my CD-ROM Tamagotchi working on this computer yet. When I tried to start it up it went through the beginning sequence, now the prob here is I need to get it working like before so I don't loose the history of all my characters, I've had tons of characters, I don't want to loose all the post cards. I have yet to tackle the problem among all the other things I've been having problems installing this week.

Oh yes, this week I went Furby hunting on my lunch hour, got my boss a pink/grey Furby - she's happy! I also managed to snag myself 7 Furby beanie Buddies, I'm selling one on eBay and keeping the other 6 as I have the whole collection. At least I think I'm keeping them. They are so cute.

As for my Tama's themselves. I had Hashizotchi die on me at age 11, the CD-ROM Tama died on me at age 12, though sorry I can't yet retrieve that postcard information, I think it's one I've had before. Mimitchi is still with me, because of everything he's been on pause a whole lot - plus I'm very afraid I won't get him back if I let him go. I guess I'm paranoid. I tried really hard to get Pochitchi on my Japanese P2, but when I got my computer I screwed up, he became Zukitchi and that was that.

I decided to start up two DigiMon's tonight for a change of pace in caretaking. The sky is the limit and I'll take any characters I can get. I figure I'm at my worst caretaking this past month so maybe I'll get some of the unhealthy ones on these Digi's, that would be nice as I've had very few of the DigiMon characters. I started up my brown/black and my clear white/white Digi's. I started them tonight around 11pm, and they went to bed shortly ago. The funny thing is I started them at the exact same time with the same clock, but one of them, the white one, went to bed 5 minutes after the first one. That was so weird. I had that happen once a long while back. It's weird though, wonder why that happens because I took care of them both at the same time and did everything the same for them.

Well, I have been working on other things at the same time and it's now 2AM here and I'm about ready to upload things. First I gotta add a few things to another page, then get that on the server. I don't know when my next log will be, but it won't be really soon as I have just tons more junk to do with this new computer. Not only that I have been experiencing what it's like to enjoy things I could not before, or at least as much so I've been doing more then just working on my computer, such as going into Active Worlds - I love that place. No less I hope to have my crud together in a month or so (depends on my working schedule) but don't worry, it won't be that long before I update... I can't ever get away from my webpage. I said this week I was gonna be working not on my page but other things, but it took me less then a day to start back to working on my page again! Anyway.. Kah way-loh koh-koh..

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