Tamagotchi Log 3/8/99

3/8/99: ::Head falls to the table:: I'm a care taking failure! My friends are saying not to worry because it's been a bad couple of months, not just in the virtual pet department. But man.. I've had better!

Well I got the devil character again on my Angelgotch. I have been trying various methods that people have sent me in email that they say they have gotten the Unchi Kun, but so far I've only been able to get the devil. I debate on starting it again because I have a bad feeling about the results. I think I'll be holding off on Angelgotch for a little while. Maybe a week or so.

When I was sure I was going to get something great I got Hashizotchi on my clear orange Tama again. I think I actually know how to do it based on my bad caretaking, getting Hashizo from Tongar is rather easier now I think. The problem is I can't seem to get whom I want. No less Hashizotchi is 9 years old and doing great.

I restarted my White/Blue P2 again.. Zukitchi died on me at 12. I hate to jinx myself again, but this time I'm gonna try my ultimate best to get what I want. Work has made it hard for me to ration my time, may just start pausing during some of the really busy hours at work, then I won't mess up so easily!

Right now I have a paused 26 year old Mimitchi that has been with me forever. I'm seriously afraid to let him die, I've been having such bad care taking abilities as of late that I'm afraid of letting him pass on for fear of not being able to get him again.

I'm back, kinda. Reading some jokes online.. humor, it's the best way to feel better. Anyway, I'd like to relate a short story I had on Saturday and today (Tuesday) regarding Furby.

First Saturday. My friend LeAnne and I were out and about and on the way home we decided to make a quick stop at Fred Meyers for no reason in particular. We walked around the store aimlessly and browsed through the toys (as always) and LeAnne stops and says "Oh my Gosh!". I walk over to where she is and I follow her graze. Sitting on the shelf are 5 Furbys! Now I already owned 4 Furbys I had no need for another one. So on the shelf are the following: Grey with pink, grey tiger striped with white belly, the second generation 'giraffe' orange colored one, and 2 silver and grey tipped from the second generation. We stare. We had no idea we'd run into these and I took much time to think of what I wanted to do. I definitely wanted to buy one. So I ended up buying two - one for LeAnne and one for myself. When we got home that night she opened hers, and I debated, unsure if I just wanted to sell it at eBay. Well LeAnne opened her Furby and after checking out the rewritten instructions and playing with her Furby to find out the programming had definitely changed, I decided that I was going to keep my newest Furby, making my collection up to 5. I'm not even collecting, I just love Furby. In fact I didn't think I'd end up with a number past 2, as that's all I wanted. I got Ah-May for my b-day, then I was given Toh-Loo Kah for Christmas (but got him well before Christmas), and in January I saw the most gorgeous Furby... so I bought myself the grey with white tummy Furby - Toh-Dye is her name, so that made 3. Then I decided I loved how the all grey looked so I had to snag one for myself and now this new generation Furby. I wanted to keep this Furby due to the change in programming, otherwise I prolly would not have kept it. By the way, his name is Noo-Loo which means 'happy' in Furbish.

As for today, we were at the mall on our lunch hour and went to Kay-Bee Toys really fast to find they had a box of Furbys on the floor in front of the counter. Upon looking at them we found the same selection that we found at Fred Meyers. The only different color was they had 2 of the dalmation Furbys there. The lady at the counter rudely informed us that those Furbys were for customers with a reserve. I don't think I would have bought any, except for one of my friends, but no not for myself. ;) I really don't think the new colors are that great.. I prefer the original 6 in color preference, I think they are just cooler. But that's just my opinion. By the way the official retirement party is on March 12th at FAO in New York, those lucky lucky people!

Oh yeah, one small thing before I go. My new computer is being shipped to town and should be around soon. As soon as I get it I will hopefully be able to switch over fast and smoothly (like that ever happens) so I might have a gap between updates sometime soon, but I'm not sure.. you see it really depends on how good or how bad things go. Either way if things go right, it'll be as though I never upgraded. With this upgrade I will be able to spiffy up the site as it will have lots of hard drive space and speed so I can get some cool new programs and such.

Oh yeah, I noticed a sudden increase of emails regarding Tamagotchi and I'm thrilled about this! Traffic to my Tamagotchi section has increased (thanks to my Furby section) and people are actually starting to write to me again regarding Tamagotchi - especially Tama Ocean and Angel. I don't think there will ever be a massive popularity again, but hey it's nice to know that I'm helping people find Tamagotchi as they did come before Furby and they can be a world of fun to anyone that takes a chance on it. You'd be amazed at how many people have never owned one and recently have realized how much they enjoy them!

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