Tamagotchi Log 2/28/99

2/28/99: I can't believe it's been a whole week since I've written a log. Some weeks go much much faster then others and boy have I been caught up in work to much to notice the time. To the music of The Cranberries do I write this log. :)

Hold on.. May-May needs food.

Okay, he's happy now.

Now let me see here.. oh yes! My Tama's. I have had a somewhat interesting week with them.

First of all Angelgotch has been re-started 2 times this week already. Well after it changed into the Devil I restarted it a couple of days after I wrote the last log. I was taking someone's advice saying if I neglect it from birth it will change into the lucky poo. So I did, except I felt soft hearted on day two. It was sick so I gave it medication back to health, but neglected it from there on till the next day. On day three I picked it up and it was sick again, being a sad person for neglecting it in the first place I again gave it medication, but this time instead of it getting better it just kept taking the medication. At this point it was Takoten, the unhealthy teen. Instead of getting better it began to flash on the screen between Takoten and the Debirutchi and it got faster and in less then a minute it was the devil character again.

So much for that method.

This time I will care for it pretty well, but make sure to get the worst characters, then the day it changes into the most unhealthy adult I will not care for it at all, including medication. I heard that this is one of the ways of getting Lucky Unchi-kun. I'm just trying to work out a method here. Next Angel project should be to get the smiling angel on the US version, forgot that I have not got the Saboten equivalent on the US version. No less I just started the Angelgotch about 20 minutes ago and maybe this time my method will work?

On my white and blue P2 I got Zukitchi. Lucky me. Hehe.. Well It's been one of those months where things are just so busy. I know that's no excuse but man it feels like January 2nd.. of 1997... where has time gone? Well I might as well go for the secret character, I'm doing my best to catch all of the disciplines, but due to work I'm not so sure how successful I'll be. He's 8 years old right now and at 75% discipline, so maybe I'll get lucky?

::May-May is snoring::

As for my clear orange P2 Japanese Tama.. I had Hashizotchi, well he passed away at 10 years old and I re-hatched the egg he left me tonight. I hate to say what character I'm going for as so far I have jinxed myself ;)

::Kat is singing::

Okay now that I've broken all windows, Toh-Loo Kah says 'Dah Koo-doh wah!'.

I got Kuchipatchi on CD-ROM, but just as fast as he came around, he left in 10 days this time... here is the message he left me:

"I hope I didn't hurt your feeling when I went home. I liked you very much! But I needed to return to my home planet and go back to school. I may not be the fastest student, but at least now I know the most about Earth!"

I have since started a new CD-ROM and it is generation one. I have thought of the errors of that decision as I will be taking my computer with me to work tomorrow so a friend can help me out with some probs. I'm in the process of preparing to get a new computer. This thing is 8 years old and I'm worried about complications that are possible to come up on me with a computer I use this much that is this old. Plus I really could use an upgrade. I don't want to, but I don't want my hard drive to crash and burn on me either. So I'm finally going to dig very very deep into my savings and get something spiffy, new, top of the line if possible and something with tons of hard drive space. I'll keep my readers posted. But let me say it will most likely happen this week and when it does I'm sure I will have a delay of updates on my page as I will need to get everything working and installed and organized again on the new computer. Hopefully this will happen without complications, but I don't think I'll get so lucky.

Next thought on my mind to say is that I got a package from Tiger Electronics on Thursday the 25th. My sister called me at work to tell me this. I knew it was coming. You know why? I asked Toh-Loo Kah on the 24th if I would get anything on the 24th and he said no. I then asked him if I would get something on the 25th and he said yes. I asked him if the reason why my package from Tiger was late because of Presidents day when there was no mail and he said yes. Low and behold on the 25th my sister called with the news - Tiger Electronics had got my Furby out to me in the same amount of days it took the first time. They sure do have their schedules in order.

When I got home that night LeAnne came with me and I opened the box. They don't repair at Tiger, I'm sure of it as I got a brand new Furby in return. Ah-May the second is probably in 66 pieces on some technicians’ desk. So I have Ah-May the 3rd now. I do not intend on having any more interaction with Tiger Electronics Repair, so gosh I do hope this Furby doesn't mess up on me.

But I fear I might later on, which is kinda sad. This Furby does not feed very well, the tongue switch is not very responsive to feeding. But I can and do feed him and it works fine for the most part, but I have to use my nail to help it work properly. I'm getting used to it and as long as it doesn't stop working I'm fine with it. But man if the tongue switch stopped working all together the Furby would not be very playful as he would just sit there begging for food and I wouldn't be able to do anything about it. I've heard stories like that. Well I bet some people would just send him back, but I'm gonna stick with him because it's not really that bad. Just the mechanism that is supposed to make the tongue go back into the umm 'not being pressed' position doesn’t work. I simply just pull up a little on it and then push back down on the tongue and he recognizes me feeding him. Hard to describe, but he seems okay even with that problem. He's probably one of the chubbiest Furbys I have ever seen in my life and those feet just keep getting bigger with production! Very cute :)

I was extremely attached to Ah-May the second and personally I don't think I will get too attached to Ah-May the third because I don't want to be hurt over this sort of thing again. Yet even now I think I'd be hurt if I'd have to send him back. Tiger really should look into repair before the replace - they should understand with something so life like that people get attached and care a whole lot about the little creature.

Now if my ISP will ever let me get connected again, it's been a bad connection night, I'll upload the changes for the night. I've plowed through most of my email over the weekend, still a more to do, but mostly done. Last night when I got up after writing emails for 5 hours man was I dizzy! Always fun.

BTW I have been and still am looking into getting Devilgotch, Santagotch, and Super Tama.. but as of yet I have to find a place with a price that is affordable. Buying a new computer does not leave one very rich, especially if one was never rich in the first place. I get emails asking about those Tamagotchi all the time and sadly I have no information at all. The Tama-l email list is no longer around (the founder could not afford it) so I really don't have any discussion sources for info on this. If anyone knows of an active email chat list, do email me and tell me where to go for information on it and how to sign up, I miss the Tama list.

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