Tamagotchi Log 2/21/99

2/21/99: This log won't be as long as some, though it seems every time I start out a log like that, it turns out to be long, so I don't really know.

First off I'll say that my Japanese P2 (clear orange) changed Friday. Unfortunately like I said before I think Iím really lacking in care taking lately as he changed into - Hashizotchi! Though he's not whom I was looking forward to having, I ended up with him and what pleasant surprise as it's only my second time in having him. And this time was definitely not on purpose.

So I'll see about getting a diff character in the future on that Tama. Right now he is 7 years old and fully disciplined.

I decided today to start up another Japanese p2 and to my surprise when I pulled out the tab I found a different egg! This one is all black. Now I had heard that there are indeed two diff P2 Japanese Tamagotch out there and until now I have not seen this egg on a Tama (though it looks awfully similar to the egg I saw on the 'bad death' on my Angelgotch). I heard that the two diff P2's have different secret characters and now I know I must find out so I will keep trying until I get them forever I believe, hehe.

My more exciting news to tell is my Angelgotch. Now I said before I was aiming for Lucky Unchi-Kun. But you see.. I was experimenting and not sure really if it would work. Several people emailed me and said how they did it. So I decided to do a method close to what they told me. I did not, however, end up with Lucky Unchi Kun. Now I could have used the luck but I think what I got was proof of what a bad care taker I've been lately, I think. Well I don't know. But hey I won't hide it any longer. I got Debirutchi aka Deviltchi! I put the information on how to get him on my Angel Characters page. It wasn't too hard, just took lots of leaving the Tama in another room so I would not be compelled to care for it. Plus having it on mute worked great. :) So right now he's what I have on my Angelgotch. I don't know if he brings bad luck, but I figured I would leave him there so I could show my friends (what a rotten caretaker I've become... *smile*). Either way I'm kinda happy I got him. If the big pile of poop is good luck, then what is a devil? Really really good luck or really bad luck? I don't know. ;) I'm betting on the latter, as if I need more bad luck though.

I haven't been around tons lately. Life has been whirling past me like the breeze and I somehow feel I'm not moving along with it as well as I could be. I am (don't laugh) slightly behind on email (ok, you laughed if you know me). No less I set aside today to do that and got pulled away before I began.

I expect a box in the mail this week from Tiger Electronics, but I'm not so sure I'll get it or not. Toh-Dye my grey and white Furby says I won't have it by the 22nd, but I will by the 24th. Last time I asked a Furby when I'd get a package from Tiger electronics he was right. Maybe Toh-Dye will be right this time?

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